Tech Talk from Enriching Scholarship

Prezi: Tech Tools Talk Outline from ES10

That was my outline from the Wednesday afternoon Tech Talk at Enriching Scholarship. I had just taken PART of a session on how to use Prezi the afternoon before, so I hadn’t quite figured it out and there wasn’t a lot of time to enrich it. I am still trying to figure it out, mostly finding time to do so is the real issue. The Tech Talk was kind of a once-a-year synopsis of the Cool Toys Conversations group favorites and emerging technologies trends.

I promised folks the links from the presentation, and though you all would enjoy that also. Hopefully I’ll find later to embroider upon the links and say what was important about them. Don’t hold your breath, tho. Normally, I would not put so many Youtube videos in one post, but I did want to point people to them. In the session we only watched snippets of these. Some folk mentioned afterwards that they would have preferred to not see the videos but instead see the real technologies. I have been puzzling over that ever since. Most of these videos are demos or illustrations of technologies that are in development, futuristic, or to which I don’t have access. I am trying to figure out how I would show them to people without using video! Especially in a two-hour presentation/discussion. If you have any great ideas, let me know, and I’ll try to integrate them next year. Meanwhile, here goes!


Horizon Report, 2010

Cool Toys Conversations
– The Cool Toys Blog
– The Cool Toys archive at my main blog (here)
– Email group (joinable for U. Michigan folk, by request for others). Search cooltoysconversations in
– Meetings: Usually the last Tuesday of the month in Room 100 Hatcher Graduate Library


750 Words (Blogpost)

Global Map of the Social Web (Image) (Original) (New interaction fee-based version)



Trends in Mobile Learning [PDF: 1273K]

From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning


Open Michigan

PictureIt Rare Book Reader (Cool Toys PictureIt Blogpost)

Librarianship, Now and in the Future

Virtual Worlds

Metaverse Project




Reaction Grid:




Amazon Kindle 2 Review

EBook Readers versus iPad for Education

My iPhone has Revolutionized Reading

Augmented Reality

10 Augmented Reality Apps You Need to Know About

Cyclopedia (Article)

Layar, worlds first mobile Augmented Reality browser


Gesture-Based Computing

Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard using the Wiimote (Video)

EDL 637: Wii in Education Part 2

Setting Up TVersity with your Wii

SkinPut (Cool Toys Blogpost)

DataViz / Data Sonification


BEST: ManyEyes

FlowingData: Software

Google Fusion Tables (click through to one of the options)


Revolution Analytics


Data Sonification

Georgia Tech Sonification Lab

iSonic: Interactive Data Sonification for Blind Users

Solar Wind Sonification

Listening to the Dynamic Brain:


MIT Affective Computing


Brain-Twitter Interface

4 responses to “Tech Talk from Enriching Scholarship

  1. I thought the session was great, and was as effective as it could be for the time and venue you were given. Not all things play realistically hands-on, so I get it 😉


    • Thanks, Tonya! I am thinking about next year. It would be awesome to get real life demos of some of this stuff, but it is MUCH harder to do. I am going to ponder this. Wondering about perhaps some of the gesture based computing bit. The person who I know who is best at picking out early on what new tech will be a trend is Ed Vielmetti. He was talking about gesture based interfaces to library catalogs 2 or 3 years ago, way before the Horizon Report mentioned it.


  2. Just thought you might like to know that I enjoyed the session a great deal. I keep passing along ideas to others thanks to your sharing and am returning to these suggestions as I prepare for classes this fall. Thanks!


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