Patient Safety, Risk Management & Related Resources on Twitter

One of my colleagues will be leaving for a new job on campus working with patient safety research and initiatives. Very exciting, and I as delighted to chat about some of the resources I know about for these topics. When I started looking into Twitter, though, this grew exponentially. Since Twitter unfortunately only allows people to make 25 lists (with only 500 names per list), and save only 10 searches, I feel very handicapped much of the time. I often collect names of people to follow on a specific topic, but then beg someone else to make the list for me so I can follow it on their account. This will be another one of those, listing top Twitter accounts on patient safety and closely related concepts. If anyone makes a Twitter list from these, please let me know and I will follow your list. 🙂 @pfanderson

Many thanks to @ClinicalCafe, @ePatientDave, @SusanCarr, @rcyoung87, and @SafetyNurse for their assistance.

Hashtags for Patient Safety



#HCRM (Health Care Risk Management)

Patient Safety Organizations


Patient Safety People

Becca Price:
Dave deBronkart:
Evan Lipstein:
Justin Hope:
Mary Andrawis:
Naomi Kaufman Price:
Robert Buntin:
Susan Carr:

Recommended by Others

Commonwealth Fund:
Louis Provenzano:
Matthew Browning:
Medical News:
Robin Jenks Warnick:
Studer Group:

Healthcare Quality

@Healthcare411 (AHRQ):
Mark Graban (@LeanBlog):
@QHN (Quality Healthcare Network):

Risk Management & Compliance



The Joint Commission:
Leapfrog Group:
Martine Ehrenclou:
Patient Safety 01:
Paul Parks:


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  1. thx. this list made my day.


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