Chemistry in Second Life

Today I was lucky enough to attend a session at MICA (Meta Institute for Computational Astrophysics) on Chemistry in Second Life. Here are the slides from the presentation by Jean-Claude Bradley and Andrew Lang.

Chemistry in Second Life at MICA Island

They gave away a free molecular rezzer, which is always great fun.

That reminded me of Erich Bremer’s molecular visualization tool, which doesn’t accept quite as many data sources, but which is blazingly fast and has exceptional rendering, visualization & interactivity features.

Erich Bremer: Monolith – Molecular Visualization for Second Life

All of these folk are using Second Life with science firstly for education and secondarily for research. They are using SL for education in similar ways and have similar concerns about the physics engine’s utility for science. I wish I could get all of them in one room to demo and share with us.


4 responses to “Chemistry in Second Life

  1. Thanks for coming Patricia.


    • It was a great presentation! We’ve been planning a presentation with Erich for our informatics team. When I saw your presentation, thought there are some really interesting similarities and differences in solutions to related challenges.


    • You guys did a great job. I brought some of our UMich faculty, who were very impressed. We’d love to share it more, which is why I blogged it. Want people to see what you are doing, and the slides were great.


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