Archive Your Online Social Life

Hi!  I remember talking with you about backing up tweets and other online items.  It was quite a while ago, but I remember meaning to ask you about any methods you use.  Do you have any suggestions for ways to back up tweets, WordPress blog posts and Blogger blog posts?  I realized recently that I had better do this sooner rather than later.  Any advice would be much appreciated. 


Backing Up Blogs

The blogs are easy. In the blog dashboard or control panel there should be an export function. You might have to dig to find it, but I’ve used it and it is a standard feature.

Backing Up Twitter

Twitter is more problematic. You have to run backup every two weeks at the least or it won’t get all your data. What most of the folk I know do is set up Twitter to post to a blog, and then archive the blog. I haven’t had any success getting that to work yet (need more time to troubleshoot or customize RSS feed to blog). There are tools for this that work perfectly fine for other folk, but don’t work for me yet. On a somewhat simpler basis (for folks who aren’t RSS masters), I also know some people who use Tweetake or TweetBackup.


Social Media Backup Tools: Tweetake


Social Media Backup Tools: Tweet Backup


More info:

Backing Up Facebook


Social Media Backup Tools: SocialSafe

Archive Facebook:


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