Who Hates Social Media?

During a recent Sunday night #HCSM meeting, I stumbled across some posts by Phil Baumann and Andrew Spong (both of whom I respect greatly) mentioning @aurorahealthpr‘s videos called We Hate Social Media. The series is focused on conservative elements in healthcare, especially pharma, and the arguments for not engaging with social media at this time. The basic idea seems to be people hate things that are new, which seem risky, and that they don’t understand well. Once you understand it, you can deal with whatever it is more rationally and can make informed decisions.

That is part of my job. Not to grab all the hot new stuff just because it’s new, but to try to learn enough to decide what’s important, to provide helpful decisionmaking and strategic planning information, to provide support and training for bridging the information-slash-experience-slash-skills gaps and making adoption a little less challenging. I’ve been looking particularly at barriers to entry for social media for a few years now. I have found it very interesting that the same issues crop up as barriers in professions of all sorts, from doctors to grade school teachers. In my experience, this boils down to three main factors.
#1. ROI: I don’t see the point / benefit.
#2. COST: I don’t have the time / resources.
#3. CONTROL: I’m afraid of looking silly / losing control of my brand, identity, or content.
If you really think about these deeply, #2 and #3 tend to fade away if you really solidly address #1. There are ways to manage the issues and concerns if you really believe in the value.

With this series of videos, the We Hate Social Media (#whsm) folk have identified the major obstacles as:
– what’s appropriate;
– regulation in healthcare;
– risk;
– resources;
– benefit.
I embedded the intro video below and added links to the others available so far.

1. We Hate Social Media: Neil’s Intro for Pharma Companies

2. We Hate Social Media: Claire and Appropriateness for Pharma Companies

3. We Hate Social Media: Sian and Regulations for Pharma Companies

4. We Hate Social Media: Sarah and Risk for Pharma Companies

5. We Hate Social Media: Aaron and Resourcing Challenges for Pharma Companies

6. We Hate Social Media: Neil and No Benefit for Pharma Companies


6 responses to “Who Hates Social Media?

  1. Does anyone else find it ironic that a group called ‘We hate social media’ has a youtube channel?


  2. Tongue firmly sewn in cheek here, yes 🙂

    @ETL – TY for the props!



  3. #whsm video presenter 1 and 6 here. Thank you so much for sharing the YouTube vids on your blog. I really like your three steps with #1 ROI being a deal breaker.

    What we have found is that the resourcing video (number 5 in the series) is proving to be the most watched (we now have it set as the default to play when people go to the channel). We think that this is a real block for the pharma industry – sm is yet another thing that people need to a) understand b) deal with c) battle with management to get on the table. It requires pharma to find a new mindset – away from control and command into enjoying the conversation. As an industry they WILL get there and we are looking forward to progressing the process (in our own small way).

    To address hachem111’s comment above. Us Brits like a bit of irony. We understands why folk in pharma might hate social media and we wanna help them find the love.

    In a few weeks we will be issuing the bloopers (out-takes) from filming the videos!


    • Oooh, bloopers. 🙂 Actually, I thought watching Aaron was almost like watching bloopers already! LOL! His delivery is … thoroughly entertaining. He could do stand up comedy. As a straight man? Or the nutty professor or archetypal geek?

      I agree completely about control issues. We are in the middle of a huge cultural revolution switching from personal & corporate privacy / safety / control to David Brin’s Transparent Society. This will of course be followed by a backlash, for very good reasons, but in the meantime it is a fascinating process to witness.


    • As a fellow Brit, I totally get the irony and can’t wait for the blooper out takes.

      Very Dennis Norden-ish, but of course, it’ll be be alright on the night! 😉


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