Serious Games Roundup (#1?)

I keep talking about serious games (a.k.a. games for learning, or games for change, or games for health, or other phrases to indicate that the games are doing a tad more than being entertaining). Brainstorm! Why not just list a few of the interesting examples I’ve been seeing lately? These cover health, medicine, behavior change, suicide prevention, recruitment, training, green lifestyle & culture, sustainability, physics principles, computer coding concepts, astronaut training skills, …

NASA: Selene, A Lunar Construction Game:
Selene Videogame is Finalist for Disney Award
Serious Games: Selene

NASA: Moonbase Alpha:
Serious Games: MoonbaseAlpha

Word Wanderer:
Disabled World: Word Wanderer is a fun game designed to engage the brain in a way that encourages positive change
Serious Games: Word Wanderer

Quantum Minesweeper:
Serious Games: Quantum Minesweeper
Physics example:
Serious Games

IBM: CityOne (A Smarter Planet Game) :
Serious Games: IBM CityOne

What The Hex (learn about hexadecimal color codes):
Serious Games: What the Hex (Q) | Serious Games: What the Hex (A)

Serious Games

Kognito: At Risk (Gatekeeper Training & Suicide Prevention):
Serious Games: Kognito - At Risk
Serious Games

Bayer Diget World (Diabetes management game & social network for kids):
Serious Games

The Healing Blade:
Serious Games
Serious Games
Serious Games

Liked this? Maybe I’ll do it again when I have gathered a new crop.


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