Identifying the Digital Divide on Campus

Yesterday our Cool Toys Conversations group had our first real meeting under the new format, where we discuss topics in a focused way rather than skimming lots of different tools. The topic for yesterday was “Identifying the Digital Divide on Campus.” The questions posted in advance were these.

* Who are students / faculty / staff who encounter barriers to tech resources, skills, or access?
* Where are those barriers coming from?
* Are there things on campus or as part of campus life that are creating those barriers?
* What are the costs to the person and to the rest of campus?

We had a nice group of about a dozen folk who were mostly very active and engaged with the topic, and started with this rough draft of mindmap in MindMeister:

Identifying the Digital Divide on Campus

We ended up here:

Identifying the Digital Divide on Campus

You can browse the whole thing interactively online over at MindMeister.

MindMeister: PF Anderson: The Digital Divide on Campus:

Next month we’ll brainstorm solutions to the campus digital divide! Hope you can join us.


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