Emerging Technologies Trailer

I am always recommending that folks on campus take a look at the Horizon Report from NMC. It is a great way for academics to stay aware of the trends, what’s coming, what we need to know for the future of education, what skills we need to build. But really, stop and think about it a second — isn’t it reactive? The technologies mentioned in the Horizon Report are important and significant trends, but by the time they are mentioned there, they really aren’t cutting edge anymore.

This video from SIGGRAPH 2010 shows what is being developed and tested at the true bleeding edge, right now, this year. Some of them connect or relate to technologies mentioned in the Horizon Report, some don’t. But watch the video, and remember, these are not as far away from regular use as you might think. I hope SIGGRAPH does this every year.

Technologies highlighted in this video include:
* Matrix LED Unit
* Slow Display
* FuSA2 Touch Display
* Colorful Touch Palette
* Animatronic Eye with Video Capability
* Interactive Zoetrope
* In-air Typing Interface (which I first saw in the Tenchi Muyo anime)
* 360-degree Autostereoscopic Display
* “Beyond the Surface”
* Luminos Tangible Building Blocks
* Haptic Canvas (I was asked again today when Second Life will support haptics)
* Shaboned Display
* Head-Mounted Photometric Stereo
* RePro3D
* Touch Light Through Leaves
* 3D Multi-Touch
* Gesture-World Technology
* QuintPixel
* Cameraless Smart LASER Projector
* Acroban the Humanoid
* Air Tiles


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