Why I Livetweet #1: Brigadier General Carol Ann Fausone

This afternoon I had two wonderful experiences. First, I manned the computers for a presentation by Gentle Heron and Eme Capalini in Second Life about the wonderful work they are doing there for people with disabilities in general, and more specifically the Amputee Virtual Environment Support System (AVESS) for returning military veterans.

Investing in Abilities Week 2010 Investing in Abilities Week 2010

Immediately after that presentation (which resulted in WOWs from the audience), there was a another wonderful presentation by Brigadier General Carol Ann Fausone. I will gladly admit that I was nervous as the dickens to be presenting right before a Brigadier General, having never seen one other than on television. She was very kind, enthusiastic, passionate and caring. She was wonderful to have in the audience, and it was wonderful to be in the audience for her talk. She talked about healthcare resources for veterans, and ways she would really like to improve the system for providing support and identifying those who need support (both veterans and families).

I was livetweeting her talk, as I do often when I attend presentations in real life. I have a lot of reasons why I like to livetweet. It helps me pay attention, focus; it gives me a written record of my notes in the cloud; I can have conversations and share the observations / questions / thoughts with others; I can share their questions with the speaker and extend the conversation beyond the four walls we are sitting within. There is another reason. People say thank you. Sometimes it means quite a lot to them. Today, I was moved both by the talk given by the General, and also by the gratitude expressed by veterans on Twitter for seeing the content shared.

Investing in Abilities Week 2010

That is a good reason to livetweet, when it makes a difference to someone else. Here is a little archive of the tweets from the talk.

Transcript from October 27, 2010 to October 29, 2010

October 28, 2010
7:41 pm pfanderson: BG Fausone specifically talking about women veterans, a rapidly growing population in MI #investability
7:42 pm pfanderson: Veterans homes include acute care as well as fishing ponds & wheelchair accessible bowling alleys. 5 docs in home 24/7. #investability
7:42 pm pfanderson: Livetweeting preso by Brigadier General Carol Ann Fausone abt veterans support in MI. http://is.gd/gp18I & http://is.gd/gp1cj #investability
7:43 pm pfanderson: Domiciliary care is new to me. Independent living, apartment, assisted living if desired/needed. #investability
7:47 pm pfanderson: TBI & PTSD as the “invisble wounds”, the hallmark injuries of the Afghanistan & Iraq campaigns #investability
7:50 pm pfanderson: She has gr8 image of PTSD as armor: helmet is poor concentration & STM issues; neck piece as intrusive memories, etc. #investability
7:51 pm pfanderson: She’s a bit frustrated that folk who need this support won’t ask for help. They need to register, but that creates stigma. #investability
7:51 pm pfanderson: She’d like to make it mandatory for all returning vets to be registered for PTSD support IN CASE they need it someday #investability
7:54 pm pfanderson: Post-concussive syndrome > best bet is early diagnosis. Otherwise, nerves form new / bad patterns, personal habits #investability
7:58 pm pfanderson: Importance of CALLING for help when you sense something isn’t right in your loved one who is returning vet #investability
7:59 pm pfanderson: A mom saved her son’s life by asking for help when he seemed to be doing better. #investability
8:00 pm pfanderson: Importance of educating families of returning vets about what is normal, what is not, what help is available, when/how to ask #investability
8:01 pm pfanderson: BG Fausone is highlighting the MI Guide on TBI 4 Families http://is.gd/gp3iq (PDF) #investability
8:06 pm pfanderson: BG Fausone shows the video “When a Soldier Comes Home” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7SAnmGGqpI #investability
8:09 pm pfanderson: The video was made by an Army nurse in a mental health facility who really listened to the guys who came back #investability
8:13 pm pfanderson: Are you a returning vet? Enroll for VA healthcare. It can’t hurt. It might help your family as much as you. #investability BG Fausone
8:15 pm pfanderson: BG Fausome: “Ease the soldiers return from war” Biggest problem is vet in ER being sent home instead of referral to VA #investability
8:19 pm pfanderson: Question about homeless vets. Esp female vets who then have children. Goal is to eradicate homelessness in 5 years. #investability
8:20 pm pfanderson: Building apartments for vets, with VA health services in the same building. best bet is early diagnosis. Otherwise, nerves form new / bad patterns #investability
8:28 pm pfanderson: @cyberslate This is great inspirational passionate talk. #investability
8:28 pm cyberslate: Thank you! RT @pfanderson: Livetweeting preso by BG Carol Ann Fausone veteran support http://is.gd/gp18I & http://is.gd/gp1cj #investability
8:30 pm pfanderson: Most important thing we didn’t say enough: “Thank you for your service.” #investability especially for Viet Nam vets. Always say thank you
8:30 pm cyberslate: Love it! @uswomenveterans check it out! RT @pfanderson @cyberslate This is great inspirational passionate talk. #investability
8:33 pm pfanderson: “The fighting is hard over there. … I would exchange my place here w/ [her son] overseas.” #investability
8:34 pm pfanderson: Audience: Viet Nam vets working actively to ensure current returning vets do NOT feel same sense of abandonment. #investability Buddy2buddy
8:35 pm pfanderson: For some reason, returning vets won’t listen to spouses. So spouses phone the General’s office to ask her to talk to them. #investability
8:36 pm pfanderson: 200 vets on campus, plus 600 UM faculty that have served. < I know several of them. Wonderful guys, great hearts/passion. #investability
8:38 pm pfanderson: Q fr audience: Is there ever overflow situation in assisted living homes? Yes, once 6wks, but in crisis we ALWAYS get them in #investability
8:39 pm m_e_snyder: RT @pfanderson: Livetweeting preso by Brigadier General Carol Ann Fausone abt veterans support in MI. http://is.gd/gp18I & http://is.gd/gp1cj #investability
8:39 pm pfanderson: Library of Congress is trying to capture the stories of these veterans. So important to capture the stories. #investability
8:39 pm pfanderson: BG Fausone "Serving veterans is my way of saying thank you, of giving back." #investability
8:41 pm pfanderson: General Fausone is playing the Toby Keith video American Soldier http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWrMeBR8W-c #investability
8:44 pm pfanderson: "Cause freedom don't come free" "Always ready, always there" She said how proud she is to be a medic. #investability
8:44 pm pfanderson: "Thank you for allowing me to be so proud." #investability
8:50 pm AlainaRachelle: RT @pfanderson: BG Fausone shows the video "When a Soldier Comes Home" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7SAnmGGqpI #investability

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