LiveTweeted: “Reflections on Publicness, Openness, & the Business & Pleasure of Higher Ed” by Paul Courant

Tweets from the inaugural presentation of a new lecture series in the UM Libraries in which library folk who’ve done nifty presentations elsewhere bring them home to their peers. This first was, most appropriately, done by our fearless leader & resident visionary, Paul Courant. My computer was rather laggy part of the time, so I missed some really good parts. This is what I was able to capture.

Video of the original presentation at the Kuali Foundation here:

TWEETS: January 12, 2011
6:36 pm pfanderson: Abt to Livetweet again! “Reflections on Publicness, Openness, & the Business & Pleasure of Higher Ed” by Paul Courant @courant48 #pubgood
6:37 pm pfanderson: This talk was originally given for the Kuali Foundation for software geeks. Now presenting to room of librarians. #pubgood
6:40 pm pfanderson: He’s being very meta, abt how audience changes content. “Keynote talks are one of the most absurd genres in existence.” #pubgood
6:40 pm pfanderson: The “dancing bear” genre of keynote presentations is folk who know nothing about the topic, but try to be entertaining. #pubgood
6:43 pm pfanderson: Vonnegut, Sirens of Titan. “There is no reasons why gd cannot triumph as often as evil.” #pubgood “I hope angels R organized like the Mafia”
6:46 pm pfanderson: #pubgood Economic equation Uij/Ui0 = Fj/Fo | how people assess good
6:47 pm pfanderson: “Each individual’s consumption of that good leads 2 no subtraction from any other individual’s consumption of that good.” Samuelson #pubgood
6:51 pm pfanderson: Jefferson #pubgood “If nature made any 1 thing less susceptible than others of exclusive property, it’s the thinking power called an idea”
6:56 pm pfanderson: Appropriable human capital (private) vs quality of life (accountability) vs basic research (U’s efficient producers of) #pubgood
6:58 pm pfanderson: Basically, how much does innovation in higher ed pay off, and in what forms? Economic payoff vs public good vs ??? #pubgood
7:00 pm pfanderson: “We don’t know what the next problem is going to be. That’s why we invest in public education.” @courant48 #pubgood
7:07 pm pfanderson: University commercialization policies may be inefficient. Most successful U-research product was Gatorade #pubgood
7:11 pm pfanderson: “[Universities] serve society as both a responsive servant and a thoughtful critic.” Harold Shapiro. #pubgood
7:12 pm pfanderson: “Religion, morality & knowledge being necessary to gd govt & happiness of mankind, schools… shall forever be encouraged.” #pubgood
7:13 pm pfanderson: Advice (a little late): Be born to rich parents. Their kids go to good schools more often. @courant48 #pubgood
7:15 pm pfanderson: “We like to think of higher education as a leveler. Us do play that role, but as a whole is they replicate income distribution.” #pubgood
7:20 pm pfanderson: .@courant48 is talking about Us as multiproduct firms, comparing to General Motors and other firms #pubgood
7:21 pm pfanderson: “There are about as many physics students as there are physics faculty.” Concept of ‘market clearing price.’ #pubgood
7:24 pm pfanderson: On product side higher ed isn’t very businesslike, but they are on input side. #pubgood.
7:24 pm pfanderson: Brand: UM does almost everything, everything we do we do WELL. (No comments from the peanut gallery, please.) #pubgood
7:26 pm pfanderson: Cooperating with others who are nominally your competitors. Univs collaborate a LOT. #pubgood
7:31 pm pfanderson: Open source software and the problem that it solves. Ira Fuchs > Educore > compared to PeopleSoft. They didn’t understand our model #pubgood
7:33 pm pfanderson: Open Source – some chance that users and developers will talk in some level of detail. Share goals, share information, achieve goal #pubgood
7:37 pm pfanderson: Author’s Message: SCALE = Smart Sharing #pubgood A lot on the value of custom work, how collaborative empowers customization/fit #pubgood
7:39 pm pfanderson: Q: “Abt giving things away at scale”, conundrum of people not wanting what they can get free. Cost seems to equal value #pubgood
7:41 pm pfanderson: People go for free beer (or $1.29 free stuff), but not so sure about free puppies (what’s hinky, what will free cost me?) #pubgood
7:42 pm pfanderson: For libraries, ownership equates to responsibility for care. Free to access may mean no one takes care of the info/book/ebook … #pubgood
7:48 pm pfanderson: A: Private payoff of higher ed to individuals matters a lot to people, but intangibles still matter. Ability 2 live & examine life. #pubgood
7:50 pm pfanderson: Classics depts & arabic/aramaic matter. When you invade a country w/ great treasures, helps to have people w/U who understand that #pubgood
7:50 pm pfanderson: We have to justify the papyri we hold to state budgeters. Politics vs knowledge / impact of #pubgood
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