#HCSM January 9th, 2011 (Mindmap)

Our Sunday night Health Care Social Media community seems to have a genuine craving for distillations and synopses and structured overviews of our weekly chats. Unfortunately, that is a lot more work than it sounds like. I’ve been collecting screenshots of my faves for around couple years now, which I’ll hopefully someday collate (right, sure!). I tried a slideshow for the end of the year chat, and a mindmap for last week’s chat.

ROUGH DRAFT - #HCSM_01-09-11

Please note this is a rough draft. What I did was download the chat from WTHashtag, and then go through it line by line, minute by minute. I made it HALF WAY before I ran out of steam and gave up. I was slightly more than halfway through Topic 2, and had not started Topic 3, at minute marker :32.

The nice thing about the mindmap approach is that with MindMeister the mindmap can be built collaboratively with multiple editors, or folks can open it up wide to anyone in the world. If folks would volunteer to each take one of each weeks three topics, and then rotate responsibility, we could come up with a rather nice collection over time. Anyway, it’s a thought. Here is the original version at MindMeister. If you want to edit, I’ll need your email address. In particular, if anyone wants to volunteer to do Topic 3 from last week, holler. You know how to find me. 😉

MindMeister: HCSM January 9, 2011: http://www.mindmeister.com/76845981/hcsm-01-09-11


One response to “#HCSM January 9th, 2011 (Mindmap)

  1. Superb article. Hashtags make Twitter what it is, in my honest opinion. I do love a good trending topic.


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