An Introduction to Open Science and Science 2.0

Last week I was privileged to have been invited to present to the University of Pittsburgh Dental Informatics program. I presented via Second Life in part because they wanted to test it out, in part because I hadn’t used their usual remote presentation software before (and had never heard of it), and in part to offer the presentation at the same time to a small but engaged audience beyond UPitt. The SL audience included people from as close as Michigan and as far away as Spain. They contributed some excellent questions.

SLUM: Lexi Presents on Open Science

The requested topic was to give an introduction and overview of the open science movement (also known as Science 2.0 and many other terms) focusing on case studies rather than tools or specific open science communities. So that explains where there is so much incredibly good and important stuff left out!

I’d been waiting to post this until I got most of the pages from the slides included in the Delicious collection of links. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m closer, and didn’t want to wait any longer. It’s been a week, after all. Unfortunately, I’ve been sick all week, and in meetings, so I can’t promise that I will get the complete collection of links posted. I will keep trying, though. I was able to add to the end of the original slide presentation some slides supporting the question and answer session after the formal presentation. What I had done in SL was to have the presentation slides, and then through in a small selection of screenshots and images I had wished I could include. This allowed me during the Q&A to pull out images I hadn’t used yet to support the ongoing conversation. The questions were wonderful, so I was glad to preserve them here.

Relationships between Open Science, Science 2.0, and Social Media:

Delicious Links
Presentation Only:
Open Science Collection:
1) Open Science:
2) Science 2.0:


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