Discovering Ned Potter

One of the people I follow in posted The Time for Libraries is NOW! this morning. I was blown away. There are more people alive than dead? (Slides 8-10). Oh, I want the mug on slide 41 (and 44, and 47, and…)! (Librarian, the original search engine) Hmmm, all that blue and gold, is he from UM? (Slide 46) I’m getting goosebumps. I have to look at all the slides, even though I don’t have time.

Slideshare, ok, I have to follow him. Ah, I see, he’s from the UK, not UM. Ah, well, maybe he’ll visit some day. That is the coolest job title ever! (LIFE-SHARE Project Officer at University of Leeds) What else is he doing? Checking out the blog.


Oh, I love that first post!

7 reasons people don’t use twitter, and why ‘It’s a conversation’ is the answer to all of them:

How did I miss this guy before?


2 responses to “Discovering Ned Potter

  1. Well I think this probably has to be my favourite blog post of all time!

    It’s funny you should say that about my job title, because I am on record with Andy Burkhardt as saying I think Emerging Technologies Librarian is the DEFINITELY the coolest job title EVER. My own job title is an acronym so complicated I’ve never known what it stands for…

    Anyway, thank you very much for your kind words. 🙂



    • Oh, gee whillikers. And here I thought your job title had something to do with an explicit directive to help people share life in some philosophical or metaphorical way. LOL! Yeah, I like my job title, too. It’s a good one, I think I’ll keep it. 😉 A true pleasure to meet you.


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