Social Media as Open Data & Scholarly Work

Yesterday I was part of a group here listening to the webinar on Grey Literature from Academy Health. With all the recent emphasis on the importance and value of open government data, I was especially struck by the relationships I observed in Dean Guistini’s talk between grey literature, open access, open data, institutional repositories and Creative Commons licensing.

There was a lot of discussion about the absolutely critical roles of curation, access and archiving. This provoked thoughts for me of my role, and how so much of what I push out through my Twitter stream is, in a sense, grey literature. Then when I saw this completely unrelated and separate presentation also from this week about the value, processes, and challenges of archiving social media I knew I needed to share these with you all.

20110407 NARA E-Records Forum on RM 20

There is something in all of this that I hope I find time to explore more fully in another blogpost someday.


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