Rockin’ the (Dental) School

How many times have you seen a viral video in Youtube and wondered about its origins — was it *really* homemade, or was it some professional video or marketing folk pretending to be real people? How complicated is it really? Ever feel like, wow, I could never do anything like this?

Today I stumbled on an absolutely wonderful parody music video done by some students at the school that I will probably always consider “my school”, the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

“Composite” – A Dental Parody of Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” (w/ VIOLIN COVER)

The video was created by second year dental students, and actually does some education about dentistry along with excellent music, dance, video editing, and all that. Unlike many viral videos, Kevin Kuo, who seems to be the mastermind behind this, gave a rich description with links to both the original music video and resources about dental composites, as well as a brief description about his process. He used Garageband and iMovie ’09. I want to know more, though. I will see if I can get Kevin to guest post or do an interview about this.

For those of you on campus, this is Enriching Scholarship week, which corrals all those tech classes from around campus into one big list. If you want to learn more about how to do this sort of thing, there have been classes at the Knowledge Navigation Center in the Graduate Library about using both Garageband and iMovie (although Kevin uses them much much better than I have done). You do have to have inspiration and creativity to get something like this, tho, the software alone can’t do it.


One response to “Rockin’ the (Dental) School

  1. Ann@DentalImplants

    Well this is funny! Nice parody there! It was funny and a bit informative too! If you know how to get the message of the parody, then you’ll surely appreciate it.


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