Senate Hearings on Social Media for Crisis Response

I just finished watching the Senate hearings and testimony on the power of social media for crisis and disaster response. This was one of the most important webinars or workshops I’ve seen recently.

Unfortunately, because of the new Twitter policies, there is no easy way to grad the Twitter stream from the conversation, but I did use brute force to capture my portion of it, and re-sort it in appropriate time order. You can find that below, for a quick overview of the highpoints. Meanwhile, the video is archived at C-Span for your viewing pleasure.

Watching The power of social media in #disasters Senate hearings #sememhill #smem
Hunh? “I’ve been able to visit Google and other social media companies” I suppose, broadly defined, Google might be in #socmed #smem
RT gilliatt Web Users Increasingly Rely on Social Media to Seek Help in a Disaster #smem
New: #socmed gives lack of control, provides 2-way communication. Gov tends to force people to accommodate them, not the reverse #smem
Crowdsourcing, many people can find better solutions, especially in crisis. “We need to innovate faster than the speed of government.” #smem
Disaster survivors don’t need pretty pictures. They need easy access to core information via mobile & smart phones. #smem Phones as sensors
RT ARCNorthCountry @CraigatFEMA We are using #SMEM right now for flood response! We in the #SMEM community owe so much to your forward thinking! -@zborst
“The public is a resource, not a liaibility.” @craigatfema “rather than making them fit our traditional models” #smem
“I actually do my own tweets.” says @CraigAtFEMA, “and I don’t tweet about me, I tweet about things I think are interesting.” #smem
LOL! @craigatfema is explaining hashtags in simple language for the uninitiated #smem
RT @TheFireTracker2 Craig talking about #SMEM community in testimony #smemhill
[Q: Did they have this stuff during Katrina?] Answer: Yes. I remember doc whose cell phone died while he was locked in Superdome, couldn’t recharge battery #smem @craigatfema
RT kc5fm is a USA example. #SMEM #smemhill
RT @YatPundit the first crowdsourced discussion should be how to make senators and congresscritters listen to the innovations #smem
@YatPundit That is the whole point of these Senate hearings. So incredibly delighted this is happening! Hope @FDA is watching #smem
RT joelepalmer @craigatfema – in discussions to add cell phone charging capability to phone banks for survivors of disasters #smem #smemhill
Computer crashed so I am playing catch up with #smem tweets.
RT CyberlandGal @CraigatFEMA says will approve good, bad & ugly comments on FEMA pages & respond 2 some, not all. Only remove offensive 1s #smem #smemhill
Next panel: Renee Preslar, @sdefrancis from @RedCross, Shona Brown of @Google, Heather Blanchard @CrisisCommons #smem
RT kc5fm Next up @rpreslar from #Arkansas #SMEM #smemhill
OMG, the National Weather Service was not on social media at that time, so Arkansas did it for them. #smem
RT sdefrancis My #Senate testimony today will highlight how social media communities are helping @redcross in disasters #smemhill #smem
There were 2.3 million retweets of @RedCross text donation requests, 42% under the age of 24. #smem
Did anyone else lose audio? #smem
RT dgcoem Where can we find the @RedCross survey on social media results online? #SMEM
Repeat: here are twitter handles for current panel @rpreslar @sdefrancis @poplifegirl (Cd not find Shona Brown) #smem
RT Russd3 RT @fema May 5 – For more on social media in emergency management (#smem), check out this blog post #smemhill
RT CyberlandGal @poplifegirl says tons of online volunteers can help responders make sense of the diluge of info & make better decisions #smem #smemhill
“Revise current community management doctrine to include … #socmed” @poplifegirl DON’T BLOCK at workplace #smem
“We were also dismayed 2 find agencies have policies blocking workforce fr using #socmed tools 4 operational purposes.” @poplifegirl #smem
RT CyberlandGal @poplifegirl says if gov is not using #socialmedia in crisis risk missing critical info in operational picture #smem #smemhill
#socmed “it doesn’t come in in a nice easy-to read format” says @sdefrancis #smem
“One person staff, with crisis volunteers” @poplifegirl “We need to be able to work with the companies (that provide social media)” #smem
RT wharman RT @ajturner: “Social Media is becoming part of our operational DNA” – Suzy DeFrancis from American Red Cross #smemhill
BINGO! “When there isn’t a crisis, what kind of data can we gather ahead of time to be able to respond quickly?” Shona Brown in #smem Q&A
Also need to engage with #socmed leaders with large followings to have process / commitment to support / push msg in crisis #smem
“Is there a point where it’s too much info?” #smem “During a crisis, the river (of #socmed) is overflowing. Who’s creating the filters?”
Day to day, folk say don’t turn on geoloc for personal privacy, but in crisis need geoloc turned on. Uh, conflict? #smem
RT CyberlandGal @poplifegirl says no such thing as info. overload, only filter failure. Need filters based on data standards 2 fulfill needs #smem #smemhill
~90% of people in Haiti have cell phones. Gave money to people through their cell phones in tent communities. says @sdefrancis #smem
The Alabama Crowdmap #smem
Relationships for collaboration need to be built BEFORE crisis hits. #smem
#SMEM need to be tech early adopters and emergency managers! Be careful not to tie #smem to one particular technology because it’s moving…
“How can we make the (crisis crowd) response smarter?” @poplifegirl #smem Advance planning & standards, she says.
Great question about how to make critical information DISCOVERABLE in disasters #smem Librarians should be involved in this.
RT digiphile RT @ajturner geotagged social media & data can provide realtime, on the ground situational info. @poplifegirl #smem
I know abt the standardized structure 4 emergency tweets, but wish was made more overt> People Finder standard #smem
“What is the easiest way for (people who need help) to reach us? That’s what we want to use.” @sdefrancis at #smem
RT @noeldickover: How did google person finder get propogated? 1 way- #crisiscommons had a team of folks contacting everyone to switch #smem
RT NEMA_DC This river keeps running! @poplifegirl “River of information can run into a map that can provide critical info to em management” #smemhill
Crisis #socmed needs diversified staff so not limited to “when I am awake” says @poplifegirl #smem
“We don’t have any food / water!” “Well, yes they did, they just didn’t know where to find it. #SocMed let us find them” @sdefrancis #smem
RT bryanenberg By the time a press release hits the air it is already old news. Social Media is real time and needs real time management #SMEM
“If something is trending on Twitter, within 24 hours it is on CNN” @sdefrancis #smem
“Does #socmed cost money?” Umm, well, depends. Doesn’t have to, but definitely could, to be done right, be most effective @poplifegirl #smem
Great point! Need research on how to determine effective message structure. @poplifegirl #smem
RT CyberlandGal IMP. 2 AVOID INFO VOID ==> @rpreslar says #socialmedia allows info. 2 get 2 public in 15 minutes. Before it took 1 to 2 hrs. #smem #smemhill
RT DevonAlderton After 9/11 it took days before some WTC companies verified some survivors’ whereabouts. With planning, #smem could do in a day. Mentioned?
“Before / during / after these events” Important recognition of temporal context, all of those. #smem
What about how to ensure free perpetual access to these soc med resources for the public? And archives? #smem
“It’s not the tool, the data behind it, and the people behind the data.” < @poplifegirl GREAT!!!
Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) | #smem
Toolkits! Yes! Not that they aren’t there, but allow flexibility in guidelines is critical. @poplifegirl #smem
I am sitting at my desk, and started to applaud, then realized this was not the right place and no one around me knows abt the #smem event
RT DisasterManSC RT @NEMA_DC @poplifegirl: #smem isnt just the tool, it’s the data. And not just the data, but the people behind it. Can’t just have 1 leader
RT BrianHumphrey If you watched #smem #smemhill – you witnessed a turning point in #gov20


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