One Moment in Social Media Coverage of the #OccupyWallStreet Protests

On September 26th, I blogged about social media (specifically Facebook) and how useful it has been for tracking the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Cool Toys Pic of the Day – Wall Street Protest Censorship(?) Countered by Social Media #OccupyWallStreet

A big part of that blogpost was the claim that the mainstream United States journalistic media was NOT covering the protests, but that other countries were. I had hoped, first, that this was a false claim, but I was unable to find evidence to support that hypothesis. I had next hoped that this was a temporary situation and would be changing in the near future. And it did, sort of.

This continues to be on of the areas of social media functioning that most fascinates me, when people use it to do what other ‘normal’ or mainstream information channels can’t or don’t. There have been many incredible and amazing examples of this, ranging from crisis and disaster response, to personal crisis intervention, to social change activism, but most of the best examples have not been so close, or were not in English. It has been deeply intriguing to me to watch how this has unfolded over the past few weeks. I can’t afford the time to spend a lot of time watching this or capturing streams as it unfolds, but I hope someone is and analyses the results. For me, observation has been these few moments, snapshots in time, as illustrations of the larger picture.

For this, I logged onto my Facebook page after a several days absence and found my screen overwhelmingly dominated by posts on the topic of the Occupy Wall Street protests and related matters.

Another Facebook #OccupyWallStreet Screenshot

When I blogged about this the first time, I had one screenshot filled with posts. This time I would have had FIVE if I’d kept at it. The people bringing it up this time included:
– a yoga teacher
– a computer science teacher
– a medical librarian
– a real estate professional
– a middle school teacher
– an information architect
– a poet
– a video producer
and that’s just the real people, not to mentioned news sources and comedians and such. Then there were people from East Asia, Europe, Canada and the UK as well as other countries. What I’m seeing here is that the issue is of such widespread interest that this list says more about me than it does about the topic itself.

When I skimmed this morning, I only took a couple minutes and was presented with all this information. Now, just think about it. This is maybe 1-2 minutes worth of info. Now imagine what social media can do.

NYPD turns Violent Against Peaceful Protestors at #Occupy Wall St
A Facebook photo album, supposedly visible to the public, but might require an account. This was shared multiple times by different people.

Self-Destructing and Localized Message App Aids Anti-Wall Street Protesters
“Through Vibe (App Store link), users are able to communicate anonymously through the platform while deciding on how long these messages will exist — anywhere from 15 minutes to forever — before disappearing. Additionally, the Vibe community can also choose how geographically far this message can travel, enabling them to limit the amount of users who can see the message by location.”

Occupy Wall Street Protester Lectures Fox News Reporter (VIDEO)
Exclusive: Occupy Wall Street Activist Slams Fox News Producer In Un-Aired Interview [Video]

“Now after 30 years of having our living standards decrease while the wealthiest 1 percent have had it better than ever, I think it’s time for, maybe, I don’t know, some participation in our democracy that isn’t funded by news cameras and gentlemen such as yourself.”

Curiously, the Fox News reporter told the gentleman than the activists would not be able to get their message out without the official news media. While the video has not aired on Fox, obviously it HAS made it out without them, thanks to less well known news reporting sources and Youtube. Now we’ll have to see how long before someone succeeds in getting it removed.

The Wall-Street Protest that is “NOT” happening, according to the media. … nothing to see here, move along now.

This Facebook photo is an overhead sky shot, possibly from a satellite, that shows Wall Street covered with masses of people, solid walls of people. According to the poster, the original image was pulled from Facebook, and is making the rounds, being reposted by person after person with different names in order to prevent censorship of the image.

Why Do You Occupy? – Interviews At Occupy Boston

Since the mainstream media is not ‘noticing’ the events on Wall Street, related protests have popped up in other cities. Boston is one, and a podcast show (Matthew Filipowicz Show)popped down to talk with them.

Occupying Wall Street, demanding accountability

At last! CNN coverage! What they are showing? A group of protesters dressed up like Zombies.

NY Times Story on Occupy Wall Street Changes

From the Get Cynical blog, this shows images of two versions of the same story being covered by the New York Times. At last! New York Times coverage! Or maybe not.

In the first one, posted at 6:59pm Oct. 1:

“After allowing them onto the bridge, the police cut off and arrested dozens of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators.”

In the revised version? (7:19pm Oct 1):

“In a tense showdown over the East River, police arrested hundreds of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators after they marched onto the bridge’s Brooklyn bound roadway.”

The caption: “It only takes twenty minutes to shift the blame.” The revision came from Al Baker, the New York Times Police Bureau Chief.

Cavalry Arrives for Occupy Wall Street

From the Young Turks Network and Occupy Wall Street

Zombieland at Occupy Wall Street

At last! Coverage from MSNBC! Ohhhhh, all about zombies again. Is anyone going to take this seriously?

PBS: Slide Show: Occupy Wall Street Protests Expand

Occupy Tampa Supports Occupy Wall Street

I said earlier that the protests had spread to other cities? Boston was one major one, others include Tampa. Chicago, Kansas City, Santa Barbara, San Francisco are others I’ve heard of. There are probably more.

MSNBC Video: Occupy Wall Street Playlist

“They … are mad as hell, whether you believe it or not.” MSNBC video coverage offers a nod to acknowledge to divided opinions on the significance of the protests.

Wall Street Protests: Time to Press the Economic Reset Button?

“Peaceful protests against an economic elite. A violent reaction from authorities. Political polarization and growing unrest. Some months ago, these words could have described Tunisia on the verge of the Arab Spring. Today, they describe the United States.”

Protests against Wall Street and joblessness spread nationwide, fueled by arrests in New York

Share Traders More Reckless Than Psychopaths, Study Shows

“Naturally one can’t characterize the traders as deranged,” Noll told SPIEGEL. “But for example, they behaved more egotistically and were more willing to take risks than a group of psychopaths who took the same test.”

While this isn’t directly linked to the protests, it does provide potential justification for the protests and was shared in the same cluster of links that filled my screen this morning.

The Colbert Report: Wall Street Under Siege

“Occupy Wall Street, a self-described leaderless resistance movement, intends to occupy Wall Street until their one demand is decided upon and met.”

Three Babies, Four Dogs, Two Breasts, and No Radiohead: A Dispatch From Occupy Wall Street

“Nosferatu is actually named Michael; he grew up in the Soviet Union and arrived on Wall Street in 1989. “I know what these kids don’t know,” he told me. “Communism and socialism don’t work.” The cops around us were looking eager. “The more chaos the better,” I overhead one officer say.”

Occupy Wall Street protests – live coverage

A different take on the story of the Brooklyn Bridge arrests, as well as an intense collection of personal stories, including mishandling of transgendered prisoners.


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