Twitter Advent Calendar, Day 2: 24 Ways

You might be doing a doubletake right now, thinking, “Wait a sec, isn’t this one the same as yesterday?” Well, no. Similar, very similar in some ways, but no.

Twitter: 24 Ways:!/24ways

Advent Calendar, Day 2: 24 Ways

Like 24tips, this is a non-religious implementation of the Advent Calendar concept. Where 24tips was focused on education, 24ways is focused on pure geekery. We’ll see others also focused on geek concepts. 24ways is doing some really hard core geekery, with lots of coding.

As far as how they use Twitter, you’ll notice immediately that they don’t say anything about themselves, their purpose, or what they are doing. They only provide a link, and they expect you to trust them that they are good folk. I find that surprising, coming from geeks. Most of the geeks I know are rather paranoid about clicking through links with no name or other information to soothe their suspicions. However, it seems to be working for the 24ways people! They have over 10K followers and don’t follow anyone back. That is one reason I won’t be following them myself.

Mostly, 24ways just posts links to their blog. Most people can’t get away with that. They can, because they are well known and are providing some really pretty amazing content. Most people or organizations could not get away with this. 24ways has a little conversation, but not much. Most accounts with that many followers are either pure news and don’t talk to anyone, or they talk to other people a lot. This is an unusual case, kind of the exception that proves the rule?

One thing I liked was that they are branching out into Google Plus!

Google Plus: 24 Ways:

Advent, day 2: 24 Ways

I promptly skittered off to G+, added them to a circle, clicked Like on a post, and shared it with others. Worth sharing.

24 Ways:

Advent Calendar, Day 2: 24 Ways

24ways uses the same strategy we saw yesterday — a series of high quality blogposts, each one authored by a different person, with promos and linkbacks to that person’s other content and web presences. Starting to look like this is a really really good idea. Anyone want to volunteer to write one of the posts in this series? 😉


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