Twitter Advent Calendar, Day 3: 24 Ways to Start

I bet you thought I was done with the Twitter Advent calendars / activities that start with 24, but no, there is one more.

Twitter: 24 Ways to Start:

Advent Calendar, Day 3: 24 Ways to Start

24 Ways to Start follows a similar model to 24 Ways, with another multiply authored blog, this one targeting the community working in the space of Start-Ups.

24 Ways to Start:

Advent Calendar, Day 3: 24 Ways to Start

I think it is safe to say that this has emerged as a definite best practice for this type of exercise. Get a lot of people involved, distribute the work, and share the credit.

The Twitter side of this effort doesn’t say who they are, but does say what they are doing, and give a link. That’s the good part. In the actual Twitter stream, it is obvious that they managed the topics and posts well, posted the information in their own Twitter stream, AND (this is important) had each of the post authors send their own tweet about their post, and then retweeted that. The other nice thing they did in their tweets was the occasional bit of light humor, which is often reflected in the names of the posts.

The not-so-good part is that their Twitter “bio” strongly implies that they will do this again next year, and they didn’t. Oops. Like some of the other examples, they have a fair number of followers, but didn’t follow folks back. It is hard to keep your followers when you don’t tweet most of the years, even harder when it is not reciprocal. There are other ways to handle this that I’d prefer to see.


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