Twitter Advent Calendar, Day 6: Advent Calendar & the Chemistry of Candles

Twitter: Advent Calendar:!/advent_calendar

Twitter Advent Calendar Day 6

Today’s highlighted Twitter account identifies the company behind their work, has a very cheerful and colorful 60s-style nondenominational background image, a description and a link. I am particularly fond of the background (you already heard why) and the description.

“Put the world’s first, original & best, crowd sourced advent calendar on your blog!”

Twitter Advent Calendar Day 6

What a practical and clever strategy! They already have a blogging community. People are already writing on their blogs about the season. In addition to inviting authors as done by some of the other sites, here MoBlog could potentially cherrypick from the writings already being done in their community!

Then, while I was working on the beginning of today’s post, I saw a tweet come through about Advent on the science side of things. Science?! And Advent? I had to share without delay.

Twitter: Chemistry World:!/ChemistryWorld

Twitter Advent Calendar Day 6

Chemistry World is a professional trade publication from the Royal Society of Chemistry in Cambridge UK tracking chemistry science and news. Today they wrote about Advent Candles.

Chemistry of the advent candle:

Twitter Advent Calendar Day 6

What is SUPER cool about this is that they evidently do this every year, and have quite a collection of earlier posts illustrating many different approaches to chemistry — toys for introduction kids to chemical concepts & processes, gifts for budding & mature chemists, the chemistry of different aspects of the holiday, chemical themed cooking and art, and even nanotech! You can find more here.

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