Twitter Advent Calendar, Day 8: Advent & … Games? Part 1

This is a little different. It isn’t about a Twitter account devoted to Advent in some form, but rather mentions on Twitter of Advent activities being done by others. Not surprisingly, if you are giving away free games, this gets a fair amount of buzz. I figured if I waited too long to mention free games in this series there would be some folk mighty disappointed with me. Therefore, this post and a couple more will focus on this subsection of the whole Advent on Twitter meme, as more FYIs rather than learning case studies. I’ll mention a few more game-related items over the weekend, and then back to more serious stuff.

Gaming: Angry Bird

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 8, Games, pt 1
TEXT: SteveLoynes: The #AngryBirds celebrate Christmas with a new Advent game on Chrome & exclusive #Samsung5thlevel & microsite.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Angry Bird released a special holiday version, especially since they did so last year, and that this would get a lot of buzz. The mention above was surely not the first or the last, but simply the one I saw first.

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 8, Games, pt 1
Web: Wreck the Halls:
Android: Wreck the Halls:
iOS: Wreck the Halls:

Gaming: BlogEmUp

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 8, Games, pt 1
TEXT: WoollyRobot: Best advent calendar this year is easily @blogemup’s listing of the best games this year. Check it out (in Swedish).

An interesting entry in this category is not games, but reviews of games, kind of a highlights of the year.

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 8, Games, pt 1

You might notice that the reviews are actually written in Swedish. With the Chrome browser, the option is present to automatically translate the page via Google Translate. It isn’t perfect, but for a game review you can get a pretty fair idea of what they thought. In any case, simply knowing this is a selection of the best of the year and seeing the covers and screenshots is potentially helpful!

Gaming: Advent Calendar Game

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 8, Games, pt 1
TEXT: KRCSappleDerby: One of our customers has made this seasonal #Advent game for iOS.

Twitter is (almost) all about relationships. Sometimes it is the distant relationship of the fan, sometimes is is association, sometimes it is a working relationship, and hopefully there are friendships also. In this case, someone is promoting work done by someone they know as a colleague.

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 8, Games, pt 1

Advent Calendar Game:

In their own words:
“Race against time as you make toys, decorate trees, feed reindeer and deliver presents. This advent calendar contains 24 levels of festive fun for Christmas 2011.”


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