Twitter Advent Calendar, Day 12: A Nun’s Life (is far funnier than you think)

Twitter: A Nun’s Life:!/anunslife
Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 12, A Nun's Life (is far funnier than you think!)

Like all good pre-1960s Catholic girls, I went through a time in my life when I thought a lot about becoming a nun. (Before and after this, however, I decided I had a spiritual vocation to be a mother. I know, it sounds complicated. It was.) If there had been something like this when I was young I might just have thought about it a little longer! I must confess, I was so intrigued by the first tweet in the stream that caught my attention that I didn’t follow my usual sequence.

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 12, A Nun's Life (is far funnier than you think!)
TEXT: A Nun’s Life: With all due respect: LOLsaints — Sarah and Abraham mashup with Princess Bride. And you wonder what nuns think about.

They weren’t joking, either. There really is a LOLcats knockoff written up as a Princess Bride mashup. Really. Or maybe they were joking?

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 12, A Nun's Life (is far funnier than you think!)
A Nun’s Life: Inconceivable!

Alright, now, back to work.

Doing my usual review of the Twitter page (who, what, why, where, etc.), I found that all my questions are answered, if not on the Twitter page, then on the web link provided. They’re in Chicago; they are trying to help people learn about religious vocations. That was from the Twitter account. I click through to the website and find a link at the bottom of the homepage “Learn About Us: The Sisters” which tells me the people behind the tweets and blog and podcasts and online chats are … Sister Julie Vieira and Sister Maxine Kollasch. When I go to the live chat page, I find Sister Maxine has been chatting with folk, and I just missed her.

The website is also where it is made clear that the series of Tweets is an Advent Calendar of sorts, in the form of a daily meditation:

“During Advent, members of the A Nun’s Life community will be posting reflections on the Jesse Tree and the O Antiphons.”

A Nun’s Life isn’t just on Twitter and blog, either, even with their online chats and podcasts and excellent use of humor. They have a Facebook page, and a Youtube channel also! They even have an online store selling nun swag! All in all, they are truly doing an exceptional job with using social media appropriately and effectively. I find it somewhat ironic that a pair of nuns are doing a better job using social media than most academics and scientists.

Oh, did you think they were joking again about LOLsaints? Not a chance. There really is such a thing. Really.

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 12, A Nun's Life (is far funnier than you think!)


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