Twitter Advent Calendar, Day 14: AdFont

This is just too clever for words. I love puns. Advent, Adfont? Change ONE letter, and you get this utterly delightful punny permutation. Even better that the one letter changed is from a voiced to unvoiced version of the same phoneme! And now you understand why my children say I have NO sense of humor. Alright, back to work.

The nice folks at FontDeck have been doing their clever font-y Advent Calendar for years.

Twitter: FontDeck:!/fontdeck
Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 14, AdFont

In the Twitter web presence they identify as a multinational firm with offices in both the UK and the US focused on web-typography. Nothing personal in the Twitter presence, but they link to the website for the firm, which includes easy to locate information about their founders and their team. (Click “About”, then “Our Story,” and voilà there are people!) I do like it when a brand makes it easy to find the real people behind the corporate face.

Their Adfont gimmick begins with an image of an old style wooden typeface case with pull drawers.

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 14, AdFont

My dad set type for a printer back in the letterpress days, so I grew up with a very clear and vivid understanding of the original meaning of “Mind your Ps and Qs!” I rather fancy that he might have encountered something like this. The drawers are organized with the logic of those times, where the letters used most often had the largest drawers, but these drawers are labeled with numbers (of course).

Here they have an animation when you “open” the drawer, which zooms in to show a glimpse of the free font for the day. You then have to click through if you want the font, and when you get to the full page you find that the free font means you have to create an account with them. So the cost of the free fonts is joining their customer database. Actually, that’s not at all shabby, but some folk might not want to.

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 14, AdFont Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 14, AdFont
Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 14, AdFont Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 14: Adfont

If you dig around a bit and think about their interface, you quickly realize some of the “drawers” are labelled with something other than the numbers of the relevant days. Aha! They do give some free content that is entirely free with no strings attached.

Letterpress by Naomi Ross:
Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 14: AdFont

While that one is quite lovely, I’m going to embed something entirely unrelated from Youtube, since the site and my computer both seem happier with Youtube embeds than Vimeo embeds.


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