RADAR: Libraries, Women, Anti-Resumes, & Social Business … via Slideshare

I’ve already said how much I like Ned Potter’s work. He did this lovely slide presentation about the importance of libraries nine months ago, but it has at last ended up on the Slideshare homepage, bringing it fresh life and awareness. I think I’ve already posted it in here, but it is worth looking at twice. Even better, he’s made it open source and you can download it. Go for it!

The Time for Libraries is NOW!


Janice Fraser did this powerful slidedeck on gender bias in technology and design. Even better, she included tips at the end for how to deal with bias, and how to start changing the inside of your own mind. Being a woman and having started with artificial intelligence in grad school, shifting through tech support, and now in emerging technologies, I could tell you stories. Lots of stories. Basically, though, the picture she paints is accurate, mild, and quite politely and delicately framed. If anything, it understates the situation.

Run the World, Girls


I’ve been collecting information for months about social media and employment, both job posting and job hunting. I haven’t had the time to assemble it coherently, but this leaped out at me. Immediately, I had a mental flashback to during one of the big science and social media meetings earlier this year, I think perhaps Science Online or Science Online London, when a frequently repeated meme was, “If you don’t have a blog, you don’t have a resume.” I first noticed this via a tweet from @Bora Zivkovic. I’ve been sharing that with young librarians who are seeking employment or dusting off their resumes, and it primed the pump for me to mentally red-flag this next presentation as significant. Important might be more in the sense of provocative than what you would choose to do, however there are more and more examples of creative, clever uses of social media / transmedia / web to create innovative alternatives to the traditional resume. At the absolutely minimum you should view this and give serious thought to how you think of yourself and how you portray yourself in public spaces. Of course, it didn’t hurt my liking at all that he lists as one of his superpowers that he has read 67 books in the previous year. 😉 Librarians like that.

My ANTI-Resume Manifesto by David Crandall


From the individual to the enterprise. If blog equals resume at the personal level, what do think this means at the organizational level? Oh. However, there are entirely different strategies required when trying to use social media as an enterprise or institution, largely related to collaboration and coordination of messages and effort. I’ve tracked this issue for a few years now, collected lots of materials and links about best practices, sit on committees, and so forth. I don’t recall ever before seeing such a clean, terse, well-crafted overview of the main issues.

Social Business Planning, from Edelman Insights by David Armano & Mike Kuczkowski


2 responses to “RADAR: Libraries, Women, Anti-Resumes, & Social Business … via Slideshare

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to highlight my ANTIResume Manifesto! I’m so glad that you liked it and I hope that your readers find it useful and inspirational!

    And as you might have guessed, I’m quite fond of librarians with my lifelong reading addiction. 😉


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