Twitter Advent Calendar, Day 18: Comics!

Yesterday, at a meeting, I saw Dave of @DaveReadsComics and Yet Another Comics Blog. I warned him about my very meta-meta- Twitter Advent Calendar, and that a comic issue was coming up, in which he’d be included. Then I thought, since this was on my mind, I might as well just do it right away! The idea of these every increasingly long lists of Advent Calendars and such appearing in Twitter is to provide inspiration and show some of the range of things people are doing, from predictable to effective to truly extraordinary. Today’s collection is of Advent Calendars on the theme of cartoons and comics.

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics! Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics!

This is from Abrams and Chronicle Books who are using Twitter to lead folk to their Facebook page, where they encourage people to compete in a contest to win free copies of books. According to Twitter, the Facebook page is their main online presence, which is confirmed by the Facebook page having links to several other websites for different branches of the company, but no other unified over-arching website to collect and direct appropriately across all of them. I found that surprising and worthy of further thought.

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics! Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics!

Gibbo Comics is creating a comic strip throughout the Advent season which seems to be gearing up to culminate in some fantastically surprising end scene. I’m rather dreading it. It starts off broad, swerves through various cultural references, pokes fun and allusions at long-loved holiday characters, and drops broad hints that the dramatic climax may be rather dreadful. I know — the picture looks rather innocent. It isn’t. Gibbo is definitely using Twitter effectively, engaging in conversation, answering replies and comments, and generally being human. The Advent Calendar links in the Twitter posts point directly to the relevant pages, but the Twitter account points to the main website, where they also mention a blog.

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics! Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics!
Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics! Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics!

I found Comics Should Be Good first via other folk mentioning them, which is usually a good sign, showing they’ve done something worth mentioning. Always a hopeful sign! I love their incredibly short Twitter handle of only four letters, CSBG! The main power behind the account seems to be Brian Cronin, who evidently has WAY too much time on his hands! CSBG has so many different series going on in their blog right now that I was confused about which ones are for the Advent Calendar series. Even more delightfully confusing is the Advent Calendar itself. You know how a traditional Advent Calendar has one picture with many little doors to open, with a surprise behind each door. In the CSBG Advent Calendar, each day has a picture with the obligatory 24 doors on it. A different picture! Yikes! And you have to click on the right door for that picture, matching the door number and the day number in order to find the prize. The prize will be a picture from a classic famous comicbook cover, usually from one of their earlier blogposts in prior years. Clever marketing strategy. As if that isn’t enough, he also has a separate series going of the top 50 most memorable Marvel covers, AND several other blogposts EVERY day! I may be frightened. This is quite a lot.

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics! Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics!
Twitter Advent Calendar, Day 18, Comics! Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics!

Multiversity Comics is almost a relief. A Twitter account. A website/blog. An Advent calendar that is one picture with one door each day. Even better, they are ALSO doing a daily countdown for the Menorah Candles as well. They have an interesting and slightly confusing approach for both the Advent Calendar and the Menorah Candles. They have the same core image for the main picture. Each day a new part appears on the image. If you click on the images, you don’t get something neat, just a bigger version of the same image. So where is the new unique content that goes with that day for the Advent Calendar or Menorah? In the blogposts where the image is posted.

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics! Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics!

This is interesting. Comic Book Critics is a Twitter account for the Comic Books Critics website that aggregates or collects posts from 16 different comic book blog, and sends tweets everytime any of they make a post. It seems to be a very active account, but is probably mostly content generated by the software rather than anyone who holds a conversation or replies or makes comments. All pretty passive. The Advent Calendar they are tweeting about is actually from one of the blogs they call a contributor — Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog. Chris is known for identifying comics that have weak points, and making the most of those. Chris’s Advent Calendar is a very simple and effective concept. He posts a Youtube video a day, of Christmas music, sort of. As you might expect, most of the videos are parodies or suggestive or in questionable taste or otherwise designed for humor, and fans of Dr. Demento. I bet you never expected to hear Dr. Demento mentioned in this blog. Just goes to show you never know. But remember that idea. A Youtube video a day on a theme is a very do-able concept, and you can select the videos all in advance, make a playlist, create the blogposts all in one day, and predate them to post automatically. One solid day of good work, and your blog series is all set and ready to go.

Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics! Twitter Advent Calendar: Day 18, Comics!

Last but far from least is Dave again, of @DaveReadsComics and Yet Another Comics Blog. Dave, also known locally as Superman, mentioned that he has been doing this for YEARS, an Advent Calendar of Christmas-themed comic book covers. Dave also has a weekly series in which he posts a monkey-themed cover every Sunday. I am rather fond of monkeys, so I am usually watching for Dave’s monkey cover posts. So, as absolutely required, he combined the two last Sunday with a monkey-themed Christmas comic book cover. Try saying that ten times fast! My only problem is deciding which one I like best — the Homer Simpson Winter Wedding Christmas monkey cover or the Captain Picard Saves Christmas cover


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