Apple’s iPhone and iPad in the Health Sciences / Apple in Education (#UMiHealth)

We had a great event this week here at the University of Michigan, focused on ways in which healthcare schools (both local and other places) are using iOS devices and authoring tools in healthcare education, but not just for learning. While the focus was on the academic programs, some of the examples included ways in which management, diagnosis, support, patient education, and even treatment are all being made easier through these tools. I livetweeted the event, and the easiest way to go over it is probably just to give you the tweets.

What most interested me about the event (main takeaways) were these points.
– The size of the audience. Huge numbers of faculty from the various campus health programs here wanting to learn about creating and using content via iOS devices.
– The creativity, insight, and innovation represented in the locally created products that were presented.
– The unique fingerprints of tools selected for use in other academic medical centers. Each location highlighted had a different workflow, different needs, and found tools that fit specifically with their goals and structure.
– “Crowdsourcing” content production by engaging students in creating their own digital learning objects. (This closely parallels another campus initiative on digital storytelling.)
– The sheer size of the mobile environment in the medical center, and the metrics on specific devices (overwhelmingly iOS at this point, but with significant representation for other devices).


pfanderson At the #umihealth event, AWESOME! Apple in Health Sciences, Better Patient Care thru Education leads off with Hilary Srere @pitbullsrock
pfanderson New report – 6 BILLION Mobile users, even in countries with no landlines #umihealth
pfanderson “In my world, a laptop is mobile. But no more. Laptops are considered desktop devices. Mobile means phone.” #umihealth
pfanderson Ralph Clayman, MD. June 26, 2010. Used scholarship money for whole M1 class to buy iPads (UCI). Put a push on publishers. #UMiHealth
pfanderson @dean_jenkins Yeah, that’s her life, too. BUT in survey it wasn’t used that way. 6bil mobile did NOT include laptop. #UMiHealth
pfanderson The med student reaction to living with iPads #mhealth #UMiHealth #hcsm
Berci RT @pfanderson: The med student reaction to living with iPads #mhealth #UMiHealth #hcsm
pfanderson iTunesU has a built in course management module. I didn’t know that. @pitbullsrock is demoing #UMiHealth
dejah_thoris RT @pfanderson: “In my world, a laptop is mobile. But no more. Laptops are considered desktop devices. Mobile means phone.” #umihealth
pfanderson If you are logged in w/ yr iTunesU management account, link to course manager #UMiHealth
pfanderson Course manager is web form, can include app links, faculty can edit from any web browser. To access course must use iPad. #UMiHealth
pfanderson iTunesU course manager/developer tool allows you set licensing (creative commons or proxyserver or restricted) #UMiHealth
LeonVeltmaat RT @pfanderson: The med student reaction to living with iPads #mhealth #UMiHealth #hcsm


pfanderson Dr Chrono EHR #UMiHealth lauded for lowering barriers between physician and patients #mhealth
pfanderson “Get Facts on the Fly” Merck Manual, other medical reference materials, students used tools off the grid in Viet Nam & Africa #UMiHealth
pfanderson “Exponential image improvement” showing neuroanatomy images from 1974 compared to aneurysm image from Osirix #UMiHealth
dalziel1 RT @pfanderson: The med student reaction to living with iPads #mhealth #UMiHealth #hcsm
pfanderson AWESOME! Osirix has a one-button anonymizer to never save patient data , image sharing RICH in realtime #UMiHealth
pfanderson “Crowdsourcing” student created content for populating iTunesU, learning objects don’t always need to be polished #UMiHealth
pfanderson @subatomicdoc Yep! In the Apple in Education day long workshop. #UMiHealth Awesome content
subatomicdoc Cool! I’ll track your tweets! RT @pfanderson: @subatomicdoc Yep! In the Apple in Education day long workshop. #UMiHealth Awesome content
pfanderson I love this “anthrax” whiteboard talk she pulled fr iTunesU. Was made by a student! Stdts creating videos have higher bd scores #UMiHealth
twit_terrance RT @pfanderson: The med student reaction to living with iPads #mhealth #UMiHealth #hcsm
pfanderson Airstrip Cardiology to address medical errors in ObGyn/FamMed #UMiHealth #mhealth
pfanderson MT @starpath @dean_jenkins Many mobile phones, many landmines, few landlines = leapfrogging in these countries. #UMiHealth
pfanderson Airstrip cardiology used in Cedar Sinai ambulances, prepped for when patient hits the door at ER #UMiHealth
EXplorerDasta RT @pfanderson: Airstrip Cardiology to address medical errors in ObGyn/FamMed #UMiHealth #mhealth
pfanderson Memorial Hermann uses: Airstrip OB Pocket Medical Spanish PEPID #UMiHealth
pfanderson Mount Sinai uses VitalHub iTriage ePocrates #UMiHealth
pfanderson Mount Sinai: iPhone in Enterprise #mhealth #UMiHealth #hcsm #video #youtube
DigMedCom The med student reaction to living with iPads #mhealth #UMiHealth #hcsm: The med st… #hcsmin
pfanderson Remote wipe for security. YOUR enterprise should set policies, passwords, security. Next speaker: iPad in Health Sciences #UMiHealth
pfanderson Ooh, athletics, football, & electronic playbooks. “Coach, I lost my iPad.” Swwwip, remote wipe. #UMiHealth


pfanderson iAnnotate PDF is most used for reading PDFs on iPad. QuickOffice Pro. GoodReader. iCloud #UMiHealth #mobile
pitbullsrock At University of Michigan Medical School with Team Science™ for Apple in Education day long workshop. #UMiHealth
pfanderson Inkling + Lippincott partnership for core medical texts on iPad, includes Campbell Biology #UMiHealth iBooks Author for local authoring
pitbullsrock Warner now talking about iBook textbooks #UMiHealth
pfanderson 11 inch MacBook Air as “iPad for old people” LOL! #UMiHealth
pfanderson Limited fonts on iPad. Helvetica is one recommended. What are others? #UMiHealth
zanskar RT @DigMedCom: The med student reaction to living with iPads #mhealth #UMiHealth #hcsm: The med st… #hcsmin
pfanderson iBook Author demo emphasizing use of Accessibility description option for voiceover rich descriptions #UMiHealth
pfanderson Harvard prof creating patient education #healthlit ebook w/ iBook Author “Know Your pH“, assembled content he already has #UMiHealth
pfanderson Demo of Inkling books for iPad, functionality includes highlight, notes, sharing. Sharing CRITICAL. Study groups, collab, assmt #UMiHealth


pfanderson Laurence Kirchmeier, mobile app developer from #UMich #UMMS talking at #UMiHealth
pfanderson LK: Mobile devices at UM Health Systems? Over 6 thousand iPhone, ~3K Android, <1K Blackberry for almost 10K #UMiHealth
pfanderson 200 iPads in Anesthesiology for clinical web apps and education. iPad pilot in Neuro, M1/M2 stdts arrive with tables/iPads #UMiHealth
pfanderson Current mobile base of enterprise devices tends to be Blackberry, makes challenge in development #UMiHealth
pfanderson LK describes diffs btwn native apps & web aps. Network connection needed/not, backend languages (Jave vs HTML5), uses device fcns #UMiHealth
pfanderson Challenge of native apps is iOS app needs to be ported/rewritten for Android / Blackberry. Easy to deploy, but harder to code #UMiHealth
pfanderson Advantages of web-ready websites: ease of updating content, cross platform accessibility, multiple devices with one swoop #UMiHealth
pfanderson MD Stat+ for UMMS Applicants #umich #UMiHealth #apps
pfanderson Web app for orange card CME record replacment | #UMiHealth
pfanderson Highly recommended > Apple developer human interface guidelines #UMiHealth
pfanderson PPT conversion to iPad tool, close to being released. #UMiHealth Heart Sound Challenge App #UMich
pfanderson MT @open_michigan @tbirdcymru Duke adopts online learning tools, #opensource iPad app #UMiHealth #mlearn @pfanderson
pfanderson 3D Woodson created w/ Bully Entertainment #UMiHealth
pfanderson M-BERET barrett’s esophagus app in development; MySkinCheck app in development (includes lesion tracker, w/ photosurvey tool) #UMiHealth
pfanderson RiskWatch app for Anesthesiology #UMiHealth
pfanderson Watching RiskWatch demo #UMiHealth
pfanderson Neurosurgery using “Citrix Receiver to access core clinical online applications” #UMiHealth
pfanderson Flow for #UMich #UMHS app development includes concept, design, development, testing, release, & support #UMiHealth
pfanderson LK talks about web clips for iOS #UMiHealth


pfanderson Dentistry – oral radiology for IOS, Xcode for iCBCT Anatomy app #UMiHealth
pfanderson Oral radiology challenge on mobile devices is image resolution, but pinch+zoom gets around that limitation #UMiHealth
pfanderson Power of ebooks to include video for movement / time dependent / sequence informaiton #umihealth
pfanderson Using accessibility feature for rich annotation of radiographic images; using MAYA to create 3d rotatable objects #UMiHealth
pfanderson Hard to teach students “How kilovoltage peaks effect contrast”, use animation + quizzes #UMiHealth #dentistry
pfanderson Roger Gillie & Mike Bleed demoing pair of mobile apps they’ve developed. Challenge of faculty oversight of student clinic work #UMiHealth
pfanderson Requires login, but mobile ready web app is Alerts faculty member of request in queue w/ vibrate & beep #UMiHealth
pfanderson Pain Trek #UMiHealth Burden of persistent pain costs $500BILION per year (back, migraine, neck, facial)
pfanderson Research background: Headache & Orofacial Pain Effort Lab App allows precise reporting of head pain #umihealth
pfanderson PainTrek app allows patient to report pain intensity, type, & associated symptom data between appointments #UMiHealth
pfanderson Dermatome Mapping included in app, facial migraine described, location of pain criticail to assessing nerve involvement #UMiHealth
pfanderson Extending PainTrek app 2 include more pts of body, fibromyalgia, back pain, neuralgias, carpal tunnel Alex DaSilve & E Maslowski #UMiHealth
ElinSilveous @pfanderson Thank you for Tweeting #UMIHealth


pfanderson Starting back after a blissfully wonderful catered glutenfree lunch 🙂 #UMiHealth
pfanderson New iPad? Apple A5x chip, 9.7″ backlit LED retina display, multitouch glass screen, WiFi 802.11, cameras, 10hrs battery life #UMiHealth
pfanderson iPad in k12 education – Frog Dissection #UMiHealth
pfanderson Demoing some of the apps from this morning’s #UMich presentations #UMiHealth
pfanderson Stethoscope app Eye Chart Pro #UMiHealth
pfanderson drawMD app PocketBody | #UMiHealth
pfanderson @BrianSHall Details are in the tweets that followed that one, or you can skim the hashtag stream for links #UMiHealth
pfanderson John Hopkins BurnMed Pro app | CTisus #UMiHealth
subatomicdoc RT @pfanderson: MT @open_michigan @tbirdcymru Duke adopts online learning tools, #opensource iPad app #UMiHealth #mlearn @pfanderson
pfanderson Nursing Central: creating/sharing flashcards, searching core resources, customize, annotate, images, consult #UMiHealth
Bonnycastle RT @pfanderson: Stethoscope app Eye Chart Pro #UMiHealth
pfanderson Penultimate iPad whiteboard app for $0.99 #UMiHealth
pfanderson OMNI GS Graphic Sketcher #UMiHealth
pfanderson RT @subatomicdoc @pfanderson Denied! But not for long. I’m making my app list, checking it twice… #UMiHealth
pfanderson FDA approved CT apps : Mobile MIM Osirix HD #UMiHealth


pfanderson iOS 5.1 iMessage (deliver/send receipt), secure encryption <both impt for dr/pt communication #UMiHealth #mhealth #hcsm
pfanderson iCloud discussion divided between the tech & policies. Can force yr iTunes backups 2B encrypted. Stores, syncs to all iOS devices #UMiHealth
pfanderson Can get new device, restore from iCloud backup #UMiHealth “Cloud will rain down applications & data” LOL!
pfanderson iCloud designed for PERSONAL use, not enterprise. Can use Airprint #UMiHealth
pfanderson Device Security: passcode policies (alphanumeric, longer), timeouts, device restrictions, policy enforcement, ActiveSync, config #UMiHealth
pfanderson data security: FindMyIPhone, remote wipe, 256-bit AES (always on), file encryption, encrypted backups, local wipe #UMiHealth
pfanderson App security: no free for all market. Mandatory signing, runtime checks, sandboxed appls, encrypted keychain, credentialing #umihealth
pfanderson iOS 5 compatibility on 8 device types (yow!) #umihealth
pfanderson UCI lessons learned for deployment. 1) ppl want to customize/personalize; 2) shipping in minimal packaging; #UMihealth
pfanderson lessons learned cont: 3) network design: density, 2.4 GHz vs 5GHz. Stdts had 3 devices each for 80 folk. Crashed network #UMiHealth
pfanderson Lessons learned cont 4) hockpuck sized device allows mirroring fr iPad 2 & up or iPhone 4S & up or Apple TV (HDMI). Uses Bonjour #UMiHealth
pfanderson Mobile device management can allow lots of configuration, VPN, account settings, push policy changes, mgmt apps, query device #umihealth
pfanderson Remote wipe and lock, bock backup of certain kinds of data. Can also wipe access to your network. Security goodies #umihealth
pfanderson App licensing: for exploration? gift cards. volume purchase program – special pricing (20 or more), honors tax exempt purchase. #UMiHealth
pfanderson Ed Seminars #umihealth
RannPatterson RT @pfanderson: MT @open_michigan @tbirdcymru Duke adopts online learning tools, #opensource iPad app #UMiHealth #mlearn @pfanderson
pfanderson JK: Navigating: compliance, regulation, procurement, licensing, copyright, etc #umich #UMiHealth project management, programmatic support
pfanderson JK: Facilitation vs innovation #UMiHealth Researchers bring requests: Save $$, usability, wow factor
pfanderson Lots of praise for collaboration with libraries from Jack Kufahl for Anesthesiology iPad project #UMiHealth @wrenaissance
pfanderson Using the Confluence wiki for iPhone help #UMiHealth
pfanderson Challenges: mobile utilization driven by hardware innovation; blur pro/personal barrier; liability protection vs service; CLOUD #UMiHealth
pfanderson “Wireless dependencies” Everyone has 3 devices, we can’t yet cope, working on it #UMiHealth Academic health centers are on trailing edge
pfanderson 10 failed passwords equals automatic wipe. “Nuclear option” #UMiHealth
pfanderson JK said steering, tech, communication, and heard “scary” LOL! #UMiHealth
pfanderson Regulatory overhead does not make iCloud a possibility at this time. eDiscovery. Security is one thing. Proving it is different. #UMiHealth
pfanderson JK: DropBox isn’t necessarily the answer. Audience laughs. #UMiHealth


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