Accessibility Checkup

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to watch Scott Williams give a local presentation for webmasters and web developers on how to get started with testing your web site for accessibility issues or concerns. Scott is the Web Accessibility and Adaptive Technology Coordinator for the University of Michigan, where I am very happy and impressed with the job he has been doing. It is really a tough grassroots type of project in a decentralized environment, like the one we have here, to find the many many folk doing bits and pieces of web content production here and there across the university, and then to try to make sure they are aware of what accessibility is, why it is important, and what they can and should do, and HOW to do it. Doesn’t that sound huge and messy and complicated? It is.

Here are Scott’s slides from that presentation.

If you are at University of Michigan and want to contact Scott with questions about web accessibility, here is how to reach him.

University of Michigan: Web Accessibility: Contact Us:

And here is the campus Web Accessibility site, with the answers to why, who, how, and so forth. Please note that while the slides do not provide links to many of the resources and tools he recommends, such as WAVE and AChecker and the Color Contrast Checker, they are all included in the supporting website.

University of Michigan: Web Accessibility:


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