Hashtag of the Week (HOTW): Week of September 1, 2012

Originally posted at the THL Blog: http://wp.me/p1v84h-Kz

This is conference season. And election season. School is starting. There are hurricanes, and news stories, and new releases from AHRQ and the FDA and the IOM. There are so many things going on this post could have run on forever, just from the cool things said and discussed on Twitter THIS WEEK. It’s crazy. Some of the hashtags I wanted to include, but didn’t, are #ARLesci, #bestcare, #DNSSEC, #ENCODE, #meetcontent, #PCORI, #plaintalkconf, #ptchat, and #VBP. Every week there are good things to share from #meded, #medlibs, #hcsm, #ehr, #DWDchat, #hcsmca, and #PHDchat, and MORE. I learned new tricks with hashtags. I learned that you can use a dollar sign as well as a number sign (more on that next week). I learned that tracking #Disease or #Antibiotic or other seemingly broad and specific health terms can be a great way to keep up on trends in healthcare news, without using the words “healthcare” or “health care” or “health”. See? I restrained myself. Aren’t you glad?

#ACA = Affordable Care Act

#AHRQ = Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

#AHRQAC = AHRQ Annual Conference


#CER = Comparative Effectiveness Research

#CLBC = Chem Lab Boot Camp


#fMRI = Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

#HCR = Health Care Reform

#Hurricane #Isaac

#INDI = (curious example of a NOT useful hashtag, as Twitter search conflates this with several other hashtags spelled similarly, and the stream ends up dominated by music & popular culture)

#PCMH = Patient Centered Medical Home

#PPACA = Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act

#ptsafety = Patient Safety

#VAMP2012 = Vo Architecture Middleware Planning Workshop (Netherlands)

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