New National Poll on Children’s Health

The University of Michigan and C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital have been polling nationwide since 2007 to find the most prominent and serious concerns for children’s health. The new 2012 edition of this annual report was recently released.

National Poll on Children’s Health

I was curious how the concerns have shifted over time, so plotted them on a graph.

National Poll on Children's Health TRENDS

You can see that over time certain topics fade in or out, but that obesity and drug abuse and smoking are consistently among the top concerns. Any topic mentioned in any year is of course ALWAYS of major concern, so it is especially interesting to see those important topics that are not at the top, topics like child abuse, which disappeared from the list in 2011, or driving accidents, which appeared in only 2007 and 2011. Oh, why is the column for 2008 taller than the other years? Because there were ties given for 9th and 10th place, meaning 12 topics in the top 10. Really.

For those who are curious, I made this chart in Google Docs. I just used a regular spreadsheet, inserted a chart, and played with views to get it right. I did have to reverse the number codes for the ranking to get a meaningful display. In the rankings, #1 is the most important, but the default for the chart tool gave the widest bars to #10. In this image, the wider the bar, the more important it was.

Previous poll reports:

(A shorter version of this post was published at the THL Blog:


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