Tech-Savvy Fitness by @MarqueA2

I thought I had posted this eons ago. I was just browsing my draft blogposts (started several new ones this week), and found it UNPOSTED. I’m sorry, folk.

Marc Stephens is a friend & colleague. I’ve worked with him for several years now, even co-authoring articles. While Marc has always been an active sort of guy, I’ve been particularly impressed lately with his recent fitness kick. This has become a real change of lifestyle. Being a true geek, Marc has naturally incorporated a huge variety of tech tools into this, from gadgets to geocaching, apps and tracking and networks, personal fitness data collection and management and all that personal informatics geekiness…. He’s perfectly happy to test things out and then share what he’s learned with others, to the extent of teaching courses for med students and coaching individuals. He has collected such great stuff, I wanted to share it with people, especially since it seems relatively underutilized at the moment.

Here is a video of an interview with Marc telling the story of his transformation and motivations.

“A Fitness Journey” (08March2012Edit):

Here’s the really primo collection of awesome resources from his popular class. Please note there are TWO extensive slide decks. Good stuff.

Tech-Savvy Fitness, Day 1

Tech-Savvy Fitness, Day 2

Want more about Marc and these projects? Marc has a blog, and there was a news article about all this.

Tech-Savvy Fitness (blog):

Med Students explore connected health through Tech Savvy Fitness:

I collected a few more links, from other sources, just because that’s what I do, but hey! Marc is the real expert. Ask him what he thinks.

ABC World News Now : High Tech Fitness Apps and Gadgets: Best Exercise and Fitness Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch, Let your iPod be your trainer.

Fox News: Partner up with these new high-tech fitness accessories for a boost in style, motivation, and protection.

Greatist: The 63 Best Health & Fitness Apps.

Mashable: 10 Fitness Apps That Boost Your Stamina, Speed and Strength.


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