Hashtag of the Week (HOTW): Translation & Translational (Week of October 15, 2012)

Originally posted at the THL blog: http://wp.me/p1v84h-QH

Here at the University of Michigan, the School of Literature, Science and Arts is celebrating the Translation Theme Semester.

Translation at Michigan: Do you compose biology?

Translation at Michigan: http://translation.lsa.umich.edu/

Translation is being interpreted broadly, not just as translating from one language to another, but across domains and modalities and disciplines. Here are some of the provocative questions they’ve been asking.

How do you translate?
Do you remix language?
Do you sing history?
Do you illustrate code?
Do you read film?
Do you dance calculus?
Do you draw poetry?
Do you compose biology?
Do you map justice?

In honor of this initiative, this week I’d like to highlight a small selection of tweets on translation and translational from the point of view of health and science and research. For this, and triggered by their creative recombinations of terms and concepts, I’m including not just the terms translate, translation, and translational, but also concepts that support various aspects of these, such as open science, clinical translators, knowledge translation, tech transfer, boundary spanning, gatekeepers, and more.


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