Hashtags of the Week (HOTW): Occupational Therapy (Week of October 28, 2012)

First posted at THL Blog http://wp.me/p1v84h-S6

Because of Occupational Therapy ... I Can!

“What is occupational therapy? The UBC MOT class of 2013 answer this question in their entry to the nation wide gOT spirit challenge.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ud5Fp279g4Y&feature=youtu.be

Last Saturday was World Occupational Therapy Day (WOTD). I didn’t know about this until I woke up Saturday morning and found Twitter buzzing with OT-related tweets. Given the parallels between the interests of Occupational Therapy and Public Health (which I hadn’t thought about before), there was a great deal of interesting content and ideas being shared. I’m well aware of the general tendency for there to be multiple hashtags in play regarding any particular topic, but the OT community did an exceptional job of demonstrating this with at least 25 separate hashtags in common use for these conversations throughout the day. Part of this came from translating the core hashtags into many languages. There was a group of hashtags they used for WOTD, and then there was another group of hashtags they used for concepts they felt were closely related. One interesting observation was that the OT community did NOT use the obvious WOTD since that is already in common use meaning “Word of the Day” instead of “World OT Day.”

Core OT/WOTD Hashtags


OT Themes


What an interesting and creative collection! And what wonderful tweets they had. I found it interesting that they were hosting chats on disaster preparedness BEFORE Sandy was really prominent in most people’s minds. They also used the hashtags effectively in combination with each other, and in combination with real world events including an online conference. Bravo, OTs! And Happy World Occupational Therapy Day, every day.

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