Hashtags of the Week (HOTW): Conferences (Week of January 14, 2013)

First posted at THL Blog: http://wp.me/p1v84h-11u

Most weeks I plan this post by keeping my eyes open as I do my work on Twitter, noting things I might cherry-pick through later. Today, I thought I might show other folk how to find relevant tweets easily if you don’t “live there” the way I do.

I’m starting with:

Symplur Healthcare Hashtag Project

Symplur Healthcare Hashtags Project: http://www.symplur.com/healthcare-hashtags/

Notice the third column shows hashtags for conferences. I thought since so many folk have become familiar with using Twitter hashtags at conferences, this is an easy entry into the idea of Twitter and Twitter hashtags. This highlights those that are “trending”, otherwise known as currently active and popular. If I click on the hashtags at the Symplur page, it takes me to a page with a description of the conference and access to tweets and statistics about them. I can scan the tweets for those hashtags without ever going to Twitter, or I can copy the hashtags over to Twitter or a Twitter application, and browse them that way. I can also download the archive of the tweets for a specific day and time period. Whatever works for you is fine. So, pulling from the trending conference hashtags for today, and other topical hashtags listed in the tweets from those, here are some tweets.


2 responses to “Hashtags of the Week (HOTW): Conferences (Week of January 14, 2013)

  1. I was really excited to learn about this tool. So glad it is featured this week!


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