Heard Whilst Disabled #heardwhilstdisabled

I know, I just did a hashtags post. This is special. Just read them, OK? Pay particular attention to the posts by folks with “Invisible Disabilities.” See if you can tell which ones those are.


6 responses to “Heard Whilst Disabled #heardwhilstdisabled

  1. I lost 30% of my retina to a rare disease a few years ago…I had just turned 35. Over the years my brain has learned to compensate but the first couple of years were hard as my brain started to figure out how to fill the holes. Being on the receiving end of some of the resulting comments while I struggled was pretty hard and as much as I didn’t show it on the outside it was hard to swallow. Some of what’s written above is truly upsetting and my hard, angry side would want to respond “I may be disabled but at least I’m intelligent ***hole.” But that’s not what I’d say of course….

    If I overheard some of the comments above directed at someone else I’d find it a little harder to hold my tongue….


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  3. You can’t come into town, in that wheelchair, to do your shopping on a Saturday, you get in the way and you have all week to shop. from a group of ladies in Leicester.


    • Some of the things in this list are ones I have trouble imagining anyone ever actually saying. Yours would be one of those. Wow.

      It took me a while to read it properly because here I’ve always had the problem that I literally CAN’T go shopping on Saturday. You see, the buses go to the grocery on Sundays, and come back on Saturdays, but don’t go both directions on the same day except for weekdays. Unfortunately, they don’t go to the grocery in the evenings, so I would have to take time off work to go grocery shopping. Luckily, I have friends who will give me a ride, and lucky me, I’m not in a wheelchair and haven’t encountered mind-blind ladies like the ones you met.


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