Crowdfunding for Science (HOTW #AAASWebinar)

(FYI, I now have help for the Hashtags of the Week posts from Chris Bullin. You can see what she’s done at the THL blog: Hashtags of the Week (HOTW): Science Online (Week of January 28, 2013) )

#AAASWebinar: NIH Budget Ain't Doubling...

I was already planning a session on crowdfunding for science for Enriching Scholarship 2013, when I found out that AAAS was holding a webinar on this.

Crowdfunding Science: Appealing to the online community for research money:

I stumbled into this after the fact via the Twitter hashtag #AAASwebinar, so while I didn’t get to see the actual webinar, I did pick up some new folk to follow and some tips from the Twitter stream. This is such good content, I am thinking of using some screenshots from this to add color to my talk in May.


SciFund Challenge: This is the Future of Science
Will universities allow you to raise money via crowdfunding?

University objections to SciFund - how do you counter them

We Search

Storify: AAAS Member: Crowdfunding Webinar:


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