Glass! Glass! #IfIHadGlass

How It Feels (through Glass):

When I saw this video it had officially 303 views and almost 7 thousand likes. Not quite sure how they managed that. I do suspect that the views are going to skyrocket at some point.

Google Glass video

My stream in Google Plus this morning is almost nothing but buzz about Google Glasses. Since I am inexplicably unable to see my Facebook and Twitter streams, I don’t know what’s going on there, but I suspect it is similar.

One of THOSE days ...

The buzz is because the mythic Google Glasses are about to get out where REGULAR folk can see them. They are asking for folk to apply to get a pair (in 50 words or less) via social media. (Please note, this is NOT my application.)

What would you do if you had Glass? Answer with #ifihadglass.

I don’t expect that I will get one, since I don’t have a good track record for getting “freebies” of any sort, but I bet some of you will, and I want you to have the chance. Oh, do please read the fine print, this is NOT a freebie. You have to pay $1,500, live in the USA, and be able to fly to San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York to pick it up. Me, single mom of special needs kid, not gonna happen. So I have nothing to lose by pushing the info out to all of you, and hoping one of my friends gets one and will tell me ALL about it!

As I scan the stream for creative ideas being listed, I am seeing an enormous number of folk talking about capturing moments with family and loved ones (especially births!), and memory aid & notetaking, as well as travel of all sorts and mapping. Also mentioned often, of course, were sales, marketing, and porn. 😉 Here are some of the less common ideas I’ve seen and which have impressed me.

EDUCATION: In the classroom, for kids, language learning, journalism in context, and more (Alexandria Mooney and Chase Masters and Francine Hardaway)

PEOPLE: Street photography (and anthropology type investigations) (JJ Bentley and Renat Zarbailov)

FOOD: Cooking instruction & management (Rebecca Otis, Lauren Atkins, and
Jake Croston)

#AR/GAMES FOR LEARNING: Augmented reality role-playing game for learning in the forest (Luka Leduc-Boutin)

WORK: Integration with job functions for construction & architecture, hazardous waste management training (Kevin Reedy and Mark Dunton)

HEALTH: Life as a patient with an invisible disability or a child with special needs
(Frank Garufi Jr. and
Lori Friedrich)

(This is what I would want to do – show folks what city life is like with no car, with a kid with special needs, helping folk find/use/understand health information and work with their healthcare teams. I’d also LOVE to see some scientists get one for a day-in-the-life 365 type of project. And I can’t wait to see what real artists do with creating new unexpected kinds of artwork and storytelling. Perhaps relive re-enact historical events? And the so obvious extension of the Virtual Photowalks project, expanding the lives of the homebound. And please give one to an astronaut, ok? And a hospice worker. And an inner city kid, if you can keep them alive long enough to use it without it getting stolen or broken. Lives that are going unseen, stories that are going untold and unwitnessed.)

And possibly the least inspirational and most amusing:

HUMOR: “i would never have a problem with bad customers because i would replace their heads with rubber chicken masks so i could retain my customer service smile.”
Matthew Stone

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