About Online Social Learning Spaces

I’ve been doing workshops for a couple years on topics related to trends in online social learning spaces. Because this is such an active, intricate, and growing topic right now, what’s been working best for me is to have my mindmaps, keep updating them, and present from those. Recently there have been several times when people have asked me for this information, and I’ve had trouble remembering which mindmap is which. There are two which I tend to use most, with some overlapping content, but also substantial differences. I thought it might make it easier for me to find and edit these, and share them with other people, if I made an easy way to take a look and see which is which complete with links to the originals. That is this blogpost.

Social Networking in Learning – Techniques and Tools

Social Networking in Learning: Tools and Techniques: http://www.mindmeister.com/96682328/social-networking-in-learning-techniques-tools

This one I did first, and is huge. I had a lot of trouble turning it into an embeddable image, and it is truly easier to read in the version at Mindmeister. The target audience had a special interest in healthcare, which is reflected in the map. This map has more of a focus on concepts, issues, challenges, skillsets, and tools for teachers.

Online Social Learning Spaces

Online Social Learning Spaces
Online Social Learning Spaces: http://www.mindmeister.com/161977476/online-social-learning-spaces

The scope of this mindmap is more focused, largely on tools. It doesn’t try to accomplish as much, but is more detailed and complete in the areas it does cover. The focus of this one is to have a well organized collection of the types of online social spaces evolving, the range and variety of offerings in those spaces, the types of communities they are supporting, and generally to provide support for conversations about utilization of these spaces.


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