Horizon Report (#NMChz) for #CoolToys and #MedLibs

NMC Horizon Report :: 2013 Higher Education Edition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjUtoZllJ1I

The Horizon Report, briefly, identifies emerging educational technologies influencing the scope and practice of higher education, placing them along a 6 year timeline moving towards adoption. The report comes out each year, and names what they have identified as the two most important new technologies for immediate adoption, near term adoption, and 5-6 years out.

This year, the technologies that have been identified as important for education are these:

Immediate (1-2 years):
– Tablet Computing

Near term (3-4 years):
– Big data
– Learning analytics
– Game-based learning

Long term (5-6 years):
– 3D Printing
– Wearable Technology

I always track the Horizon Report closely, and have done so formally every since I became an Emerging Technologies Librarian. For the past several years, we discussed it as part of the ongoing local Cool Toys Conversations group, and this year we are extending that conversation.

What we are doing is this.

1) Last month, the Cool Toys group discussed the preview report and the six identified technologies. We took a look at them explicitly within the context of our institution, the University of Michigan, and what is going on already for our campus with these new technologies. This included courses, opportunities, and campus resources.

2) Today the Cool Toys group (#CoolToys) is revisiting the topic with the final Horizon Report, which was recently released. We will be looking at the examples that have been included of what other campuses are doing, expecting to be informed and inspired.

3) The Medical Librarians Twitter Chat (#MedLibs) will be discussing the Horizon Report on Thursday evening, February 28, at 9pm EST. MedLibs will be looking at how these learning technologies could impact on the practice of medical librarianship through:
– changing approaches to health literacy;
– personal learning opportunities and continuing education;
– impacts in healthcare provision & the e-patient & personalized medicine movements;
– and other ideas as they arise.

I’ve been tracking the conversations so far in this mindmap, which will continue to grow as the conversations continue through the week.

Horizon Report 2013 Conversations

Mindmeister Mindmap: Horizon Report 2013 Conversations:


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