Young Genius & Open Access (#DontKnowJack), Part Two

TEDxMidAtlantic 2012 -Jack Andraka

Since part of the conversation with Jack about open access took place within a fast-paced Twitter chat, and part with other people outside of the hashtag, it took some time to paste it all together in sequence. What I ended up with is strict chronological order simply because the conversation was so complicated and interwoven, it was difficult to maintain continuity in any other way. Even if it made part of the conversation more clear, it tended to make the overall conversation more confusing. You have to realize that often these tweets were flying across the wires at the same time, crossing in passing, and that parts of the conversation overlap. As always with Twitter, each communication was limited to 140 characters, meaning that ideas and concepts had to be abbreviated substantially. I hope this works, because Jack made many very important observations illustrating the hidden costs of paywalls.

Jack Andraka 2012 ISEF Winner

Jack Andraka Speaks at TEDxSanJose


Labrats Screenshot

“LabRats is a revolutionary new program that inspires young people aged 11 to 18 to love learning about science and technology. We use the best methods of scouting and other successful youth organizations to build character as well as a strong sense of community while we provide the most engaging hands-on science experience available anywhere.”
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Nature Network Screenshot
Nature Network:

Science Buddies Screenshot

Cogito: Mapping the Mind

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