One Month After the Translate-A-Bowl, More to Do

Guest post by Kathleen Ludewig Omollo as an update to: You Can Help! Crowdsourcing Disaster Planning & Response Resources for #SMEM


Kathleen Ludewig Omollo. Help us translate educational videos about microbiology and disaster management from Michigan, Ghana, and East Africa. January 28th, 2013

Since we launched the translation campaign five weeks ago, we’ve had 23 people sign up. To date, 38 non-English captions have been completed – 13 in French, 12 in Spanish, 7 in Russian, 3 in Portuguese, 2 in Danish, and 1 in Swahili. That’s amazing! We’re trying to complete as much of the translation work as possible by March 13th. Shortly thereafter, I’ll post a summary of the outcomes and the contributors on our blog at When individuals complete a translation, I also add his or name to the beginning of the caption file for that video. Even after March 13th, we’ll continue to invite volunteer translators, to publish new language captions as they’re completed, and to update the status at

Among our 19 disaster management videos, we now have 11 in Spanish and 1 of them in French (plus a handful in other languages). The YouTube translation kit doesn’t seem to work in Internet Explorer but it is fine in other web browsers (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari). When you’re finished with a video, click the “Publish to YouTube” button and the translated caption will be published back to YouTube as a pending caption track for our team to review (detailed instructions:

Here are some of the videos that still need translations, especially in French.

1.1a: Intro to Disaster Management Training

1.2a: Epidemics

2.1: Principles of Disaster Risk Reduction

2.2: Communication in Disaster Situations

2.2: Mass Casualty Incidents

2.3a: Complex Emergencies

Here is the playlist of the disaster management videos:

Emergency Planning Lecture Videos -HEALTH Alliance: Captions:


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