At the Movies: Microbiomes

Following up on my post last week about the Human Microbiome Project. There are so many great video clips on that and related topics, that I wanted to do this second post as well.

To start off, let’s look at Larry Smarr’s video of how he is studying his own personal microbiome, what he has learned about his own health, and how it has changed his life.

Larry Smarr: My N=1 Experience (2012 GET Conference)

If you are remotely intrigued by what Larry said, then you might want to check into the uBiome project, a citizen science endeavor allowing you to explore your own microbiome.


uBiome from uBiome on Vimeo.

Now, more videos about the Human Microbiome Project itself. The first is an interview with Dr. Julie Segre, who has oversight of the project; the second from University of Michigan faculty member, Dr. Vincent Young.

The NIH Common Fund’s Human Microbiome Project. No Longer Germ Warfare. An interview with Dr. Julie Segre, NIH Intramural Researcher, The NIH Common Fund’s Human Microbiome Project.

The NIH Human Microbiome Project, Vincent Young MD PhD from The University of Michigan.

Three videos describing more about the concepts behind idea of the human microbiome. One is a lecture from Stanford faculty member Julie Theriot, another by the most expert Julie Segre, and the third just because I like it and find it one that is relatively easy for people to understand.

The World Within Us: Microbes That Help and Harm (October 27, 2009) Julie Theriot, Stanford University)

Genomics of Microbes and Microbiomes – Julie Segre (2012).

The human microbiome and what we do to it

Last but not least, a selection of videos looking at implications of the human microbiome in specific areas of the body or of our health, from bowels to brain.

Mind-Altering Microbes: How the Microbiome Affects Brain and Behavior: Elaine Hsiao at TEDxCaltech

Microbiome: The Ecosystems Living on Your Body

This section is all about the microbiome of the human gut.

Mike Mutzel. Intestinal Microflora, Gut-Metabolic Cross talk and Human Microbiome Project Update

Eric Alm: A year in the life of my gut microbiome (2012 GET Conference)

The gut flora: You and your 100 trillion friends: Jeroen Raes at TEDxBrussels

If you are still hungry for microbiome videos, Jonathan Eisen has a fantastic collection in a playlist, there is another playlist from Fora.TV at the Compass Summitt conference in 2011, and Yohanan Winogradsky’s entire Youtube channel is devoted to the topic.

Jonathan Eisen. Human Microbiome (playlist).

The Dark Matter of Biology (Compass Summit 2011)

Yohanan Winogradsky (channel):


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  3. You might be interested in this animation about the gut microbiome released this week:


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