#IfIHadGlass Becomes #GlassExplorers

I’ve been hearing from friends that some of them have been accepted to the Google Glass program that I mentioned earlier. I thought it would be interesting to track how many of the folk I highlighted as having fun ideas actually made it in, and then we can all track what they do! I also added in some folk who are local, and folk I follow in various social media spaces, saving the best for last. Think of it, perhaps, as the ETechLib version of the Road Scholars. 😉 Meanwhile, track BOTH the hashtags in the title. They’ve been exploding.



EDUCATION: In the classroom, for kids, language learning, journalism in context, and more (Alexandria Mooney YES and Chase Masters YES and Francine Hardaway NOT YET) Comment: No Francine? Why not? Is she too important and influential? Then why did you choose Alyssa Milano?

Now, on the other hand, Geordi La Forge HAD to get a pair.

PEOPLE: Street photography (and anthropology type investigations) (JJ Bentley YES and Renat Zarbailov NOT YET)

FOOD: Cooking instruction & management (Rebecca Otis YES, Lauren Atkins YES, and Jake Croston YES)

#AR/GAMES FOR LEARNING: Augmented reality role-playing game for learning in the forest (Luka Leduc-Boutin NOT YET) Comment: Good grief, how did they miss THIS one?!!!.

WORK: Integration with job functions for construction & architecture, hazardous waste management training (Kevin Reedy NOT YET and Mark Dunton NOT YET) Comment: Again, why on earth NOT? “I would show the right way to use hazardous materials and proper hazardous waste handling techniques.” This is really important stuff! Full of impact and saving lives. I am truly baffled by some of the choices they are making.

HEALTH: Life as a patient with an invisible disability or a child with special needs
(Frank Garufi Jr. YES and Lori Friedrich NOT YET)

HUMOR: “i would never have a problem with bad customers because i would replace their heads with rubber chicken masks so i could retain my customer service smile.” Matthew Stone NOT YET

Now, who are some more folk I already follow who have gotten into Glass Explorers.







John NostaFeb 22, 2013 – Public
Simple, #ifihadglass I would help physicians and patients have a richer dialogue and enhance the quality of healthcare. https://plus.google.com/101926706159077857138/posts/E7zy1txiv6g



John Minni, Feb 21.
#ifIhadglass I would use it when I teach my 3 year old and 7 year old sons things. I would record their reaction to my teaching and develop a database of their responses. The responses could then be played back at a later time to review the concepts.

John Minni, Feb 23
#ifihadglass I would take it to my wife’s kindergarten class and we would read a book together I would give them parts to play and film them while we read and then play it back for them.




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