At the Movies: Think Local (TEDxUofM mini, Part One)

The TEDxUofM event last Friday was fabulous. I don’t know how long it will be before they have the videos up, so I thought I’d try to find some other videos by the same people, just to whet your appetite.


TEDxNASA – Oliver Uberti – Smash The Design Button

“The design process begins and ends with research — so he shares an office with a human skeleton. Oliver Uberti is a visual journalist and designer who dabbles in maps, infographics and words. He is a Design Editor at National Geographic magazine. On a given day at Geographic, Uberti says he may be found painting with crude oil, charting man’s migration from Africa, drawing Stonehenge, counting jelly beans or directing a photo shoot of highway litter. He’s drawn to images that make him feel something — joy, sorrow, surprise or wonder. Uberti writes a blog titled The Process, the stories behind National Geographic’s award-winning art, maps and designs. Here he answers the oft-asked question, “How did they do that?””

Friday he had an incredible data visualization he’d created focusing on peak points of creativity throughout the human lifespan. I can’t seem to stop telling people about it. I want a copy!


The Beet Box:

“Inspired by an internship in Gabon, Africa, in 2011, Dan Morse and Kay Feker collaborated in the hopes of focusing on food and youth empowerment to create The Beet Box. Joined by fellow University of Michigan students, Alex Pearlman and Kendra Hall, the group raised funds to create The Beet Box in the hopes of starting a health food revolution. They had a vision; now they needed the product.” Beet Box: Food for the Future:

Dan gave a wonderful talk about meeting unexpected trials and not giving up. Me, I loved the slides, the beautiful pictures of beets.


Sterling K. Speirn, W.K. Kellogg Foundation President and CE

“Ultimately, we want to make a positive difference by improving opportunities for children, families and communities and still meet our financial investment goals,” says Sterling Speirn, president and chief executive officer of the Foundation. “Mission driven investing is another tool that we can use to leverage our resources. Among other things, it allows us to preserve and grow our financial resources, while realizing greater social change by being able leverage our endowment to help vulnerable children.” Mission Driven Investing: Overview

Sterling inspired and provoked with alternative views of what philanthropy can be, could be, and should be; a view of philanthropy as an active and purposeful somewhat heroic activity.


Novelist Sharon Pomerantz discusses her inspiration for RICH BOY

“[W]riter Sharon Pomerantz (author of RICH BOY, published by Hachette/Twelve) describes her experience supporting herself as a shoe shine girl– revealing what a man’s shoes say about him, and describing how her labors influenced her future as a writer.”


Barwis Methods Training — Brock Mealer Walks Without Canes!

“Constrained to a wheelchair for two years, in October 2009, Brock visited his brother at the University of Michigan where he was playing football. After an impromptu meeting with the coaching staff, strength and conditioning coach Mike Barwis invited Brock to train with them. According to the Associated Press, although Barwis had no previous experience training paraplegics, Brock took up the offer to attempt rehabilitation in the athletic training center…. Brock and Barwis set a goal. Not only was Brock going to walk again, unsupported, but he would lead the Michigan football team onto the stadium in their season opener against Connecticut.” Brock Mealer, Ohio Car Crash Victim, Defies Doctors To Walk Again (VIDEO)

You should have heard the roar from the crowd, the thunderous applause, the entire audience leaping to their feet en masse when Mike finished talking and Brock walked out on stage.


Gina Athena Ulysse:

“Gina Athena Ulysse, In spoken-word performance of: Because When God is Too Busy: Haiti, me and the World, 2007”

Gina was one of my very favorite performers and speakers of the event. She brought such vision and passion to her performance, such clarity to both her voice and her story.


TEDxUofM Untapped_ Voices:


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