At the Movies: Think Local (TEDxUofM mini, Part Three)

The TEDxUofM event last Friday was fabulous. I don’t know how long it will be before they have the videos up, so I thought I’d try to find some other videos by the same people, just to whet your appetite. Here are more videos by or about presenters or their projects. Here was part one. And part two.


Thousand Kites Project – An Introduction

“In prison slang to “shoot a kite” is to send a message. Thousand Kites is a national project that works directly with stakeholders using communication strategies and campaigns to engage citizens and build grassroots power. It uses performance, web, video, and radio to open a public space for incarcerated people, corrections officials, the formerly incarcerated, grassroots activists, and ordinary citizens to dialogue and organize around United State’s criminal justice system.” Thousand Kites


Color Blind – Zafar Razzaqi [Of Seven8Six]

“Prior to joining Google in 2010, he spent 10 years in entrepreneurial start-up and small business ventures. Razzacki is also involved in a number of grassroots projects in and around Detroit focused on education, community service and entrepreneurship in the city.”


Dr. David Chesney

“Dr. David Chesney is a lecturer in computer science and engineering and is active in K-12 outreach, encouraging entrepreneurship, and engineering for the greater good. In this video, he speaks about his approach to teaching, engineering for social good, and the entrepreneurial opportunities that can arise for students in this space.”


Dr. Melissa Gross, University of Michigan School of Kinesiology Associate Professor

Currently, she directs the Movement Dynamics Lab in the School of Kinesiology where she and her students are investigating the effect of emotion on body movements. The research in her lab aims to understand how human movement patterns are changed in characteristic ways when different emotions are expressed. People can easily detect the emotion that another person is feeling by observing their body movements. What, exactly, makes a sad movement look sad? Gross uses motion capture and kinematic analysis to characterize how emotions affect movements in specific, recognizable ways. By combining biomechanical and psychological methods, her studies provide the basis for a new understanding of the relationship between emotional experience and body movements. Melissa Gross; Associate Professor, School of Art & Design; Associate Professor, School of Kinesiology


AC360 – Chris Armstrong On Attacks By Mich. Asst. AG Andrew Shirvell

Armstrong has turned down interview requests from other media, including He said on the show he’s speaking out now because of recent reports of teens who’ve committed suicide after being outed as being gay or bullied for being gay. “It’s hard not to say something,” Armstrong said. “It’s important to understand that things get better, that you can reach out to your community, your friends.” Armstrong said he’s been working through the controversy with the help of his friends and family. That’s why he hasn’t been speaking publicly about it. “It’s really been a personal issue in a lot of ways,” he said during the interview. “I’ve dealt with it more specifically with my friends and my family in making sure that they understand and that they know what’s going on.” WITH VIDEO: Chris Armstrong breaks silence on ‘hurtful’ blog by assistant attorney general


See this post for more information about these speakers.

TEDxUofM Untapped Voices, pt 2


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