At the Movies: Think Local (TEDxUofM mini, Part Four)

OK, following on the heels of videos from the TEDxUofM speakers, here are a few related but not quite so specifically focused. Here was part one. And part two. And part three.


They did something new this year, trying to take the TEDx conversations away from the stage and into the audience. There was a side room set up with cameras and backdrops where they videotaped people who felt they had something interesting to share, and then they combined it into this wonderful little video.

Spotlight Project from TEDxUofM on Vimeo.

Spotlight Project:

“I had to fight and fight and fight, and push and push and push against these preconceived ideas people had about me as a former prisoner.”

“There’s this one moment when the SAME chill goes through everybody at the same time.”

“Before people became literate, they told stories.”

“Untapped is all those voices we’re not listening to.”


Of Remnants from Nicholas Pilarski on Vimeo.

Of Remnants, from Nicholas Pilarski
via TEDxUofM: Of Remnants by Nicholas Pilarski & Julia Smith-Eppsteiner

“We both continued to grow and accomplish and dance. And I continued to admire her. We had the blessing of ending up at Michigan a year apart from each other. She is doing great things, to say the least. I know you’ll share my feelings of awe and pride to attend our school when you press play. Watch my best friend perform on screen with her serenity, her curiosity, her body knowledge.”


2013 Intro Video from TEDxUofM on Vimeo.

TEDxUofM: 2013 Intro Video:

“TEDxUofM really pushes us to be interested and interesting.”

“TEDxUofM is the dam that allows the rush of brain juice that fills you and reminds you of what is possible.”

“I think of TEDx as a family that set out to influence others to be the best that they can be.”

“To me, today is about three words: inspiration, initiative, and innovation.”


Not from this year’s TEDxUofM, but a speaker in an earlier one. His TEDx video is here.

Ghostly International presents Matthew Shlian from Ghostly International on Vimeo.

Ghostly International presents Matthew Shlian

“Matthew Shlian works within the increasingly nebulous space between art and engineering. As a paper engineer, Shlian’s work is rooted in print media, book arts, and commercial design, though he frequently finds himself collaborating with a cadre of scientists and researchers who are just now recognizing the practical connections between paper folding and folding at microscopic and nanoscopic scales.”


Ora Pescovitz also spoke at a prior TEDxUofM. This is a somewhat less sober video she has done recently in support of last weekend’s Dance Marathon.

Dance Marathon is Almost Here! (with Ora Peskovitz)
via I’m Not a Rockette, But I Played One “For The Kids”

“Later that day, I participated in a video shoot with members of the Dance Marathon at University of Michigan team. DMUM is one of the largest student-run non-profit organizations on the U-M campus. We taped a PSA to promote this year’s Marathon – an event where hundreds of students stand on their feet for 30 hours to show their support for pediatric services at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and Beaumont Hospital.”


This is a bit more tenuous of a connection to Ann Arbor and UofM, but it is a great story and a great video, with an open source script.

Free Pie from Caleb Slain on Vimeo.

Free Pie:
“Dave was a philosophy major in Ann Arbor, MI, and he had driven across the state to join family and friends at the hospital, but over the course of the evening his role as “older brother” slowly dissolved into that of crowd control: answering the same questions that every new grief-stricken visitor arrived asking. After many emotionally draining hours of monitoring his post by the door, Dave was surprised to see his philosophy Professor suddenly walk through. Noticing his student’s mixed state of fatigue and social obligation, the Professor went over and sat beside Dave in complete silence. After a few minutes, he leaned over and simply said “It’s exhausting taking care of those who come to comfort us.” The Professor sat with Dave for the next two hours without saying a single word…he was just there.”


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