At the Movies: June Lagniappe

Lagniappe is a Cajun word used to describe the yummy little leftover bits. So the little bits today cover Crowdfunding, Ebooks, Data-Sharing, 3D printing, Password Tattoos, Wearable Technology, Technology ethics, lah dee dah.


Tattoos and Pills Could Negate Need for Passwords

The password you can never forget. And it is a tad harder to steal than most of what we have now.


The Future of Wearable Technology | Off Book | PBS

It’s a good thing. Highlights from MIT, Parsons, G51Studio, and Adafruit.


Is Developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethical? | Idea Channel | PBS

If I say anything, I’ll give away the most important idea. So, no spoilers, but watch it.


Dreambox: The 3D Printing Vending Machine

Shade of the Star Trek Replicator, eh? Don’t tell me you haven’t always secretly wanted one.

Will 3D Printing Change the World? | Off Book | PBS

Topic being debated wildly in the media now, with absolutely no consensus at this time.


Data Sharing and Management Snafu in 3 Short Acts

The much loved and truly funny/sad story of a data sharing request to a research, gone seriously wrong, but in very typical ways.


Jörgits and The End of Winter Trailer

Jörgits is interesting not just because of the clever animated video, but also because it is getting a lot of attention as an innovative app and new e-book format (Discovery Ed, Fox is Black, Paperblog,), because it is crowdfunded, much of the original art work is collected into a Pinterest board, and snippets of the audio tracks are made available open and transparently in SoundCloud.

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