Hashtags of the Week (HOTW): Events Smörgåsbord (Week of June 10, 2013)

Cute as a Button

This week, Twitter changed their API. That has made preparing for this post much more challenging for me than it usually is.

I normally scan the streams for hashtags of interest, grab the streams with one of the many Twitter tools that allow retroactive stream archiving for the brief periods of time that the Twitter API makes this possible. Basically, if you want to grab a Twitter stream, you either have to know you want to do so IN ADVANCE (strongly preferred), or immediately after, or get a copy from someone who did capture it at the right time. This week, because most of my favorite tools were broken with the API change, I instead kept a list of hashtags to archive as soon as I could. My list currently has 167 hashtags that I would probably have archived this week, and couldn’t, most of which will now be inaccessible for archiving even once the tools start working again. [Please note, the tweets WILL be available for browsing and searching within the Twitter web interface.]

So. Well. Instead of a rich look into a few hashtags, I’m going to give you one tweet each for several hashtags from my big list, most of which are conferences or events. Enjoy!

[NOTE: This was my FAVORITE hashtag of the week. Worth exploring in depth!]

First posted at the THL Blog: http://thlibrary.wordpress.com/2013/06/14/hashtags-of-the-week-hotw-events-smorgasbord-week-of-june-10-2013/


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