Hashtags of the Week (HOTW): #HCSM, the One Stop Shop for Health News (Week of November 18, 2013)

If I’m counting correctly, this will be the 70th post in the HOTW series. In honor of that milestone, I thought I’d profile #HCSM. #HCSM stands for Health Care Social Media, but because it is one of the most senior and most used of all health hashtags, many people use it to discuss broader concepts and to simply bring news and events to the attention of other people tracking healthcare information on Twitter. Basically, if you want to use Twitter to promote information, ideas, events, or anything else related to healthcare, you should probably send a tweet out to #hcsm. It is also my number one favorite and most used hashtag in my own personal Twitter activities.

The HCSM tag and community have proven so successful that they have generated innumerable spinoffs, in other countries and languages, for specific events or conferences, and more. Actually, we are hoping to get a #HCSMMI going, for the Michigan area HCSM community. In the meantime, just to show some of the breadth and activity of the HCSM community, check out this list of related tags.

#hcsm – Health Care Social Media
#hcsmanz – HCSM Australia & New Zealand
#hcsmasia – HCSM Asia
#hcsmat – HCSM Austria
#hcsmca – HCSM Canada
#hcsmcourse – HCSM Course
#hcsmeu – HCSM, Europe
#hcsmeues – HCSM, Europe, Spain
#hcsmeufr – HCSM, Europe, France
#hcsmforum – HCSM Forum
#hcsmfr – HCSM French
#hcsmgbc – HCSM GBC (Global Camp)
#hcsmglobal – HCSM Global
#hcsmglobalcamp – HCSM Global Camp
#hcsmhanys – HCSM Healthcare Association of New York State
#hcsmin – HCSM India
#hcsmla – HCSM Latin America
#hcsmny – HCSM New York
#hcsmreview – HCSM Review
#hcsmse – HCSM Sweden
#hcsmsv – HCSM Silicon Valley
#hcsmtx – HCSM Texas
#hcsmua – HCSM Ukraine
#hcsmuk – HCSM United Kingdom
#hcsmvac – HCSM Vaccination
#thcsm – Tactical HCSM

Here are some tweets from HCSM this past week.

HCSM is also how I find people to follow, tweets like this, listing new activities and hashtags to follow in healthcare.

First posted at the THL Blog http://wp.me/p1v84h-1xU


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