Hashtags of the Week (HOTW): About Communication (Week of November 25, 2013)

This past week saw several events and Twitter chats which included sub-conversations about the impacts of communication. This was communication in patient care, in education, in libraries, and even the research of conversation analysis and the rhetoric of communicating.

Where was this all happening? The Annual Convention for the National Council of Teachers of English (#ncte13), which overlapped with #ALAN13 and #CEL13; the mind-blowing #BBUM conversation last week about “Being Black at the University of Michigan”; the weekly #hcsm chat I mentioned last week; and the #MLibRes presentation this morning. The conversations were tough, gritty, real voices exploring the problems, challenges, impacts, and potential for change in how communication, terms, context, and assumptions touch our lives and the work we do. There are lessons for those involved with recruitment, diversity, content selection & curation, and patient care. Each tweet worth at least a read, and then worth thinking about a little bit more.

#NCTE13 / #ALAN13 / #CEL13




First posted at the THL Blog: http://thlibrary.wordpress.com/2013/11/25/hashtags-of-the-week-hotw-about-communication-week-of-november-25-2013/

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