“One Simple Question” A History of Helping #UMSSD40

I’ve been wishing Storfiy embeds would work in this blog, but having to make do, and will share them here anyway, however awkwardly. So, here’s the first one I am sharing.

Last week Jane Vincent gave a wonderful presentation on the history and evolution of assistive technology and other resources on the University of Michigan campus for students with disabilities. The presentation was the kickoff for a year of wonderful events celebrating the 40th anniversary of Services for Students with Disabilities on campus.

Jane was a student during some of the early stages of getting this really off the ground, and now she is a leading point person for assistive technology information and access on campus. Along the way, she’s known most of the wonderful good hearted folk who have been working in this area here.

Jane shared her slides, but spoke for a long time on each slide, so the slides can only begin the process of providing insight and telling the story.

I live-tweeted the presentation, only catching a few of the high points. I was delighted that the tweeting capture the interest of people beyond UM, even engaging one of my favorite authors, Jacqueline Lichtenberg. The video will be available later, but in the meantime, check out the Storify for more information.


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